Sega SuperCoaster

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Sega SuperCoaster
System(s): AS-1
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Graphics Technologies
Genre: Simulation
Number of players: 1-8

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Sega SuperCoaster is an unreleased AS-1 motion simulator ride film produced by Graphics Technologies as a basic prototype simulation for use in the AS-1's January 1992 location test at Sega's Carnival game center.



During the early 1990s, Sega AM5 were developing the first of numerous attractions as centerpieces for the company's increasingly large amusement centers, including the AS-1, and sought to create a prototype ridefilm to test and demonstrate the hardware's unique features. Future AM3 developer Kenji Sasaki collaborated with Graphics Technologies to produce Sega SuperCoaster for the system's January 1992 location test at Sega's Carnival game center - his first notable project within the company.[1]

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