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| genre=RPG
| genre=RPG
| releases={{releasesMD
| releases={{releasesMD
| md_date_us=1992-04{{fileref|SegaVisions US 08.pdf|page=58}} <!-- Where is the source for 1992-12? -->
| md_date_us=1992-04{{magref|sv|8|58}} <!-- Where is the source for 1992-12? -->
| md_code_us=49166
| md_code_us=49166
| md_date_jp=1992-02-14
| md_date_jp=1992-02-14

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Traysia MDTitleScreen.png
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Telenet Japan (JP), Renovation (US)
Genre: RPG

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
¥8,900 T-49073
Sega Mega Drive
$? 49166

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Traysia, called Minato no Traysia (港のトレイジア) in Japan, is a 1992 RPG by Telenet Japan for the Sega Mega Drive.


Roy is the nephew of a traveling merchant from the port town Johanna who, fueled by vivid memories of mountains he doesn't remember ever living near, follows his uncle to explore the world. Traysia, his childhood girlfriend, leaves Roy with a pendant serving as a memento.


On the right side of the main screen is the status area, showing statistics for Roy and three other party members presumably met later in the game (TODO). Hitting C allows you to configure specific stats for each character. Otherwise, gameplay differs depending on the area:

  • Towns, Overworld: A talks to a person — the game is rather picky about under what circumstances you will be able to talk, so don't expect it to work the first time. You can save your progress and heal at inns and learn magic from magicians.
  • Battles: TODO (emulator bugs are fun - andlabs)


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) Traysia Traysia
Japanese Minato no Traysia (港のトレイジア)

Production credits

Japanese version

  • 企画: 宇津 英治, 斉藤 三弥, 佐々木 睦
  • グラフィックデザイン: デビッド岩田, 梨子 夏生, 馬篭 浩平
  • プログラム: UAI, 大竹 智, DEE
  • 技術監修: ジョナサン山本
  • キャラクターデザイン: 前田 真宏
  • ADディレクター:
  • ADスタッフ: 吉岡 孝夫, 三浦 遊馬, 大野 勝久, (株)ADファクター
  • コーディネイト: (株)創通エージェンシー, 下坂 圭
  • 音楽協力: (株)ビジネスサポート, 湯浅 稔
  • 音楽監修: 小川 史生
  • スペシャルサンクス: ライオットデバッカーズ
  • 協力: 福島 次郎, 福島 和行, 福島 雄二, 阿部 好延, 白石 文子
  • 制作監修: 菊池 栄二
  • 制作総指揮: 福島 孝
  • 制作: (株)日本テレネット
Source: In-game credits

English version

  • Script: Eiji Utsu, Mitsuya Saitou, Mutsumi Sasaki
  • Graphic Designer: David Iwata, Natsumi Nashiko, Kohei Magome
  • Program: UAI, Satoshi Ohtake, DEE
  • Program Director: Masayasu Yamamoto
  • Characters Designer: Mahiro Maeda
  • Ad Director: Neko
  • Ad Staff: Takao Yoshioka, Yuuma Miura, Katsuhisa Ohno, AD FACTOR, Co.,Ltd.
  • Support: Soutsu Agency, Co.,Ltd., Kei Simosaka
  • Music Coordinators: Business Support, Co.,Ltd., Minoru Yuasa
  • Music Director: Sinobu Ogawa
  • US Staff: Takami Kinoshita, Hideki Hiraga, Corey Tresidder, Kazuo Noji, Reiko Sato James & Associates
  • Special Thanks: Riot Debugger's
  • Production Coordinators: Jiro Fukushima, Kazuyuki Fukushima, Yuuji Fukushima, Yoshinobu Abe, Humiko Siraishi
  • Production Director: Eiji Kikuchi
  • Production Manager: Takasi Fukushima
  • Producer: Telenet Japan, Co.,Ltd.
Source: In-game credits

Magazine articles

Main article: Traysia/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

Main article: Traysia/Promotional material.

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
53 [2]
48 №, p85[3]
40 №1992-03, p82
33 №18, p71
17 №18, p68
Sega Mega Drive
Based on
5 reviews

Mega Drive, US
Traysia MD US Box.jpg
Traysia MD US Cart.jpg
Traysia md us manual.pdf
Mega Drive, JP
Traysia MD JP Box.jpg
Traysia MD JP CartTop.jpg
Traysia MD JP Cart.jpg
Traysia md jp manual.pdf