Adeline Software International

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Adeline Software International
Founded: 1993-02
Defunct: 2004-07
Lyon, France

Adeline Software International was a video game developer founded in February 1993 as a subsidiary company of Delphine Software International, and based in Lyon, France. Delphine and Adeline were both named after the daughters of Delphine's co-founder, Paul de Senneville.

The team mostly came from Infogrames, another French video game company, after a disagreement about sequels of the Alone in the Dark bestseller. They were 21 people, including graphic artists, developers and musicians. Five members made up the core of the team: Frédérick Raynal (creative director), Yaël Barroz (computer artist in charge of scenery), Didier Chanfray (artistic director), Serge Plagnol (technical director), and Laurent Salmeron (resource manager).

After the release of Little Big Adventure 2 in June 1997, the company slowly went quiet, and in July, the core team was sold to Sega, becoming No Cliché and leaving Adeline as an empty group within Delphine, which still did some legacy conversion work outsourced to external developers like the late Sega Saturn version of Time Commando. Plans to take Little Big Adventure 2 into consoles, including a Sega Saturn version, were also cancelled during this period.

Years after the apparent demise of Adeline, the brand was revived in 2002 by Delphine. However, no members from the original Adeline staff were involved in the development. After working on a couple of Game Boy Advance projects, one of them being a cancelled sequel of both Flashback and Fade to Black, the liquidation of its parent company Delphine in July 2004 also marked the definitive end for Adeline.