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No Cliché
Founded: 1997
Defunct: 2001
Lyon, France

No Cliché was a video game developer established in 1997 by Sega as a "1.5 party" developer, 100% owned by Sega France[1], and tasked with producing "European" games for the European market, with the still in development Dreamcast console being its primary platform focus of development.

All the staff came from Adeline Software International, another French video game company, transfered to the Sega owned studio as a group purchase. Its same five members which made up the core of the team reassumed their roles in the new company: Frédérick Raynal (creative director), Yaël Barroz (computer artist in charge of scenery), Didier Chanfray (artistic director), Serge Plagnol (technical director), and Laurent Salmeron (resource manager). Aside from creating their own original games, they also helped with European localization and service operations, most notably helping Raster Productions into coding localisation for the European release of the Dreamcast version of Quake III Arena.

In 2001, after the cease of manufacturing of the Dreamcast console, Sega Europe eventually decided to stop development of many Dreamcast European games, causing the company to cease development on its current project at the time, Agartha, a horror/adventure game. No Cliché remained together for a little while after the cancellation, attempting to create a PC port of Toy Commander. However, the group split before it could be finished.



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