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Sega InterActive
Division of Sega of America
Founded: 1992
Defunct: 1995
Los Angeles, California, United States
For the branch of Sega of Japan, see Sega Interactive (Japan).

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Sega InterActive, also known as the Sega Interactive Development Division (SIDD) and Sega LA, was a division of Sega of America most known for their Eternal Champions series.


Originally founded as Interactive Designs in 1984 by Rod and Nancy Nakamoto, the company developed games for clients like Electronic Arts, Activision, Sierra On-Line, Data East, Cinemaware, Capcom, NEC, Sega of America and The Walt Disney Company.

In late 1992, the developer was acquired by Sega of America and renamed Sega InterActive. Over the next four years, the company grew to employ more than 65 people, and would produce generate more than $250,000,000 in revenue for Sega before its closure in 1995.


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