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StarWarsArcade Model1 TitleScreen.png
Star Wars Arcade
System(s): Sega Model 1, Sega 32X
Peripherals supported:
Sega 32X
Six Button Control Pad
Genre: Shoot-'em-Up

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Model 1)
¥? ?
Arcade (Model 1)
$? ?
Arcade (Model 1)
£6,000More...[2] ?

Sega 32X
¥8,800 GM-4002
Sega 32X
$59.99More...[3] 84508
Sega 32X
£59.99 84508-50
Sega 32X
?F 84508-50
Sega 32X
DM ? 84508-50
Sega 32X
?Ptas 84508-50
Sega 32X
$109.95More...[4] ?
Sega 32X
R$? 152080
Sega 32X
? 84508

Star Wars Arcade (スターウォーズ・アーケード) is a Sega Model 1 arcade game developed by Sega AM3 and LucasArts, and published by Sega in 1993. It was also brought to the Sega 32X in 1994 and sold as a launch title for the system. During development the Model 1 version was known as Virtua Star Wars.

Like all Model 1 games, Star Wars Arcade is presented in 3D perspective. The player pilots various ships from the Star Wars universe including the X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters through various missions.

Star Wars Arcade was followed by Star Wars Trilogy Arcade in 1998.


When brought to the 32X, Star Wars Arcade saw a significant downgrade in polygon counts alongside the expected drop in resolution. All scenery, effects and spacecraft in the game are affected, with the 32X also struggling to keep a locked frame rate when faced with busy scenes, resulting in noticeable slowdown, particularly in indoor areas (as opposed to the Model 1's, rarely-wavering 60FPS). These cuts can drastically change the feel of certain levels; for example, a lack of asteroids in the opening stage means the 32X version is more empty than its arcade counterpart.

The 3D layer of graphics targets 30FPS, which it usually hits when flying through space. Most of the time, however, the game operates closer to 20FPS, though will drop lower in certain circumstances (such as when flying on the surface of the death star).

Cinematics are generally shorter on the 32X as well. To partially make up for the omissions, there is a special "32X mode" which extends the levels and offers more challenge than the base "arcade" mode.

Production credits

Model 1 version

Source: In-game credits [5]

32X version

Source: In-game credits

Source: US manualMedia:Swarcade 32x us manual.pdf[6]

Magazine articles

Main article: Star Wars Arcade/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

StarWarsArcade Model1 JP Flyer.jpg

Model 1 JP flyer

32X ES PrintAd 1994-12.jpg

32X ES print advert

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Physical scans

Model 1 version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
80 More...[7]
Based on
1 review

Model 1, US
Model 1, JP

32X version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
65 More...[8]
59 More...[9]
32 More...[10]
78 №38
90 More...[11]
60 More...[12]
53 №312, p39
93 №24, p36-38
85 №73
79 №7, p15
74 More...[13]
91 №27, p24-26
74 More...[14]
90 More...[15]
60 More...[16]
71 №48, p66
90 №12, p72/73
86 More...[17]
87 №40, p46/47
86 №56, p24
75 More...[18]
80 More...[19]
90 More...[20]
Sega 32X
Based on
23 reviews

32X, US
StarWarsArcade 32X US Box Back.jpgStarWarsArcade 32X US Box Front.jpg
StarWarsArcade 32X US Cart.jpg
Swarcade 32x us manual.pdf
32X, EU
StarWarsArcade 32X EU Box Back.jpgStarWarsArcade 32X EU Box Spine.jpgStarWarsArcade 32X EU Box Front.jpg
StarWarsArcade 32X EU Cart.jpg
32X, JP
StarWarsArcade 32X JP Box Back.jpgStarWarsArcade MD JP BoxSpine.jpgStarWarsArcade 32X JP Box Front.jpg
StarWarsArcade MD JP CartTop.jpg
StarWarsArcade 32X JP Cart Back.jpgStar Wars Arcade 32X JP cart.jpg
Swarcade 32x jp manual.pdf
32X, BR
Starwarsarcade 32x br cover.jpg
StarWarsArcade 32X BR Cart.jpg
Swarcade 32x br manual.pdf
32X, Asia
StarWarsArcade 32X AS Box Spine.jpgStarWarsArcade 32X Asia Box Front.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega 32X
CRC32 F4E9B846
MD5 F6E8648A6CED9017C9F0BF0CA544F17F
SHA-1 282767A07E453E868DE52B46BF11DEF3D071BDA6
2.5MB Cartridge (JP)
Sega 32X
CRC32 82E82660
MD5 BFAA6FD031490C26E25F3D59D9C37497
SHA-1 A877CBF704FE7480966FD88A3C39EFB6A39392AC
2.5MB Cartridge (EU)
Sega 32X
CRC32 2F16B44A
MD5 AE3A42C6297EF25C6018A209FDA0194E
SHA-1 F4FFAAF1D8330EA971643021BE3F3203E1EA065D
2.5MB Cartridge (US)


Star Wars Arcade
StarWarsArcade Model1 TitleScreen.png

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