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Continue mode

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On the Game Over screen, press HOLD Up2 x8. This requires at least $400[1].

Hidden message


In the Japanese version of the game, when the ending message appears on the screen, press 1 x14 on Control Pad 2, then press 1 or 2 on Control Pad 1. This will display a hidden message in Japanese, which translates to:

We dedicate this story to Kouichi and Emi. May children yet to be born be strong, and have love and bravery, like Alex.

And we, together with Alex, hope that all who love Alex may be forever happy.

Koutarou (Kotaro Hayashida aka Ossale Kohta)
Youko Matilda
Rie Wakashimadzu (Rieko Kodama aka Phoenix Rie)
Papa Kouichi
Toku (Tokuhiko Uwabo aka BO)
Kaori the Bully
Toshi the Bullied


Alex Kidd in Miracle World
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