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Apple II
Manufacturer: Apple II

The Apple II is the name for a series of home microcomputers released by Apple Computer between the late 1970s and early 1990s.

Sega support

Like all home computers prior the rise of IBM PC compatibles running Windows 95 (and excluding the Sega-designed SC-3000), Sega did not bring any of its games to the Apple II directly, instead licensing out arcade properties to third-party publishers, who would turn sub-license development work to smaller studios. While in its later years the Apple II was not typically viewed as a games machine, it began its life as a competitive and relatively popular system supported by much of the industry.

While hardware clones of the Apple II have appeared all over the globe, the system was less successful in Europe than in the States, being faced with cheaper (and arguably more capable) home-grown microcomputers in this region.

All Sega games labeled for use with the Apple II function on all models; the 1977 Apple II, 1979 Apple II+ and 1983 Apple IIe being the three main models available when the majority of these games were published. Later machines such as the Apple IIc from 1984, Apple IIc+ from 1998 and the 16-bit Apple IIGS from 1986 will also run these games, but debuted after any Sega port to the Apple II was made.

List of Sega games for the Apple II

Other Apple II games also released for Sega systems