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Artech Studios logo.png
Artech Studios
Founded: 1982
Defunct: 2011-12-31
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Artech Studios Ltd., formerly known as Artech, Artech Digital Productions, and Artech Digital Entertainment Ltd., was a Canadian video game developer notable for creating development hardware for Sega of America.


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Artech Studios was founded in 1982 by Rick Banks and Paul Butler, and opened its first office in Ontario, Canada.

Artech Studios was contracted by Sega of America to develop the Sega Music Development System for the Sega Mega Drive, the predecessor to the GEMS sound driver.[1]

The company also developed software libraries for the unreleased Sega VR, created the Sega Activator, and produced much of the software for Sega of America’s trade show demonstrations .


Master System

  • (1991)

Mega Drive

  • (1991)
  • (1994)
  • (unreleased) (as Artech Digital Entertainments)


  • (1995)


  • (2000)


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