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Artech Studios
Founded: 1982
Defunct: 2012
Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

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Artech Studios (a.k.a. Artech Digital Entertainment Ltd, Artech Digital Entertainments Inc, Artech Digital Productions) was a video game development company founded in 1982 in Ontario, Canada by Rick Banks and Paul Butler.

The company developed one of the earliest sound development tools for the Mega Drive, the Sega Music Development System[1], although was very limited, since it did not have a way to control the sound hardware in the Mega Drive in real time from a second computer running composition software and was later replaced by GEMS sound driver.The Sega 3D VR Library, Sega DSP and Activator were also developed by Artech Studios, including various demos used by Sega at E3 and other trade shows.The company was dissolved in 2012.


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