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Comix Zone: Roadkill
Record label: Sega, LaserLight Digital
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Compact Disc
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$? 12 815
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Comix Zone: Roadkill is an EP containing music from Comix Zone. It was distributed with copies of the Sega Mega Drive and PC versions of Comix Zone in North America, with the Mega Drive release seeing a more limited run in Europe. The version included with PC copies of the game was packaged slightly differently but has identical contents.

The EP was given a separate retail release in 1996 as part of the Sega Tunes series of albums in the US, and was included on disc 3 of Mega Drive Last Action Heroes in Japan.

Track list

1. Into the Zone (3:04) 

2. Feed My Disease (2:40) 

3. 10,000 Knives (3:22) 

4. Seen It For Days (3:52) 

5. Woe is the World (3:00) 

6. Last to Follow (2:41) 
Running time: 18:39

Physical scans

Album, EU (Mega Drive)

ComixZoneRoadkill Music EU Disc MD.jpg
Album, US/EU (PC)
ComixZoneRoadkill Music US Box Back PC.jpgComixZoneRoadkill Music US Box Front PC.jpg
ComixZoneRoadkill Music US Disc PC.jpg
Album, US (Sega Tunes)
SegaTunesComixZone Album JP Box Back.jpgSegaTunesComixZone Album JP Box Front.jpg
SegaTunesComixZone CD US Disc.jpg

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Music: Comix Zone: Roadkill (1995)

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