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Mega Drive and PC versions

The following credits appear in the ending credits roll of both versions.

Comix Zone (TM)
All Rights Reserved
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In-game credits
Comix Zone MD credits.pdf

Mega Drive version

Copyright (C) 1995 Sega
In-game credits
Comix Zone MD credits.pdf

US and EU manuals[2][3]

PC version

Localisation Team
PC CD-ROM Credits
Copyright (C) 1995,1996 Sega
In-game credits

Game Boy Advance version

  • Programming: Tony Stockton, David May
  • Art: Paul Scott, Chunkit Cheung, Darren Donohoe, Marcus Stringer
  • Game/Technical Design: Matthew Smith
  • Lead Tester: John Walsh
  • Head of Development: Kevin Norburn
  • Executive Producer: Brian Beuken, Diane Hill
  • Special Thanks: Danielle Beuken, Elliot Wood, Josh Norburn, Brittany Norburn, Isabel Stockton, Max Stockton, Ben Blackford, Sian Davies, Mike Hanson, Leo Lionheart, 'Flossie' the Wonder Sheep
  • Music and Sound FX Converted by: Manfred Linzner - Shin'en Multimedia
In-game credits


Mega Drive version

Adrian Stephens

  • Created a new routine to free up space for more audio, mainly for the unique Sega logo opening.[4]

Kunitake Aoki

  • Created the background for Inside (Episode 1-2)[5][6].
  • Created the background for Grave Shipyard (Episode 3-2)[5][6].

Chris Senn

  • Created backgrounds for 2 levels[7].
  • Created 1 boss[7].
  • Created a few basic animations for main character Sketch[7].
  • Created miscellaneous fire special effects (cauldron, torches, etc.)[7].

Ross Harris

  • Cleaned up and polished hand drawn and animated character sprites.[8]
  • Scanned and colorized presentation screens.[8]

Craig Stitt

  • Cleaned up some animations.[9]
  • Colorized some animations.[9]

Howard Drossin

  • Conceived the unique Sega logo opening.[4]
  • Conceived the fart.[4]

Music credits

ID Name Description Credits Used Comments
1 Night of the Mutants[10] Episode 1-1[10] Yes
2 Down in the Sewers[10] Episode 1-1[10] Yes
3 Tournament Chamber[10] Episode 2-1[10] Yes
4 Inside[10] Episode 1-2[10] Yes
5 Find the Combination[10] Episode 1-2[10] Yes
6 Welcome to the Temple[10] Episode 2-1[10] Yes
7 Boss[10] 1-2, 2-2 Boss[10] Yes
8 Inside the Largest Freighter[10] Episode 3-2[10] Yes
9 Curse of the Deadships[10] Episode 3-1[10] Yes
10 The Test Begins...[10] Episode 2-2[10] Yes
11 On the Other Side...[10] Episode 3-1[10] Yes
12 Temple, at the Gates[10] Episode 2-2[10] Yes
13 Intermission[10] Yes
14 Later, in the Mountains[10] Episode 2-1[10] Yes
15 Options[10] Yes
16 Nuke, Ready to Launch![10] Episode 3-2[10] Yes
17 Cave Episode 3-1[10] Yes
18 Grave Shipyard[10] Episode 3-2[10] Yes
19 Mortus[10] 3-2 Boss[10] Yes
20 Epilogue[10] Yes


Comix Zone

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