Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty

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OutlawsoftheLostDynasty title.png
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
System(s): Sega Titan Video, Sega Saturn
Publisher: Data East
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP/CD-DA (26 tracks)
Genre: Fighting[1], Action[2]

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Sega Titan Video)
¥? ?
Arcade (Sega Titan Video)
$? ?

Sega Saturn
¥5,800 T-1302G
Sega Saturn
$59.95 T-1305H
ESRB: Teen

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Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty, known as Suiko Enbu (水滸演武) in Japan, is a 2D fighting arcade game by Data East for the Sega Titan Video. It was ported to the Sega Saturn. In the US, the Saturn version is known as Dark Legend. An expanded version was released on the Saturn in Japan only, titled Suiko Enbu: Fuuun Saiki.


Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English (US) Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty
Japanese Suiko Enbu (水滸演武)


Main article: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty/Comparisons.

Production credits

Saturn version

Japanese edition

  • Production Supervisor: 野口 正登
  • Planning : 盛 政樹
  • System Setting : 秋山 宗一
  • Program Setting : 鈴木 進一
  • Operation Setting : 野村 泰彦
  • Artist : 戸村 考司, 竹内 章二
  • Music : 原子力 花田
  • Sound Effects : 是政
  • Voice: 屋良 有作, 郷里 大輔, 堀 秀行, 置鮎 龍太郎 (Aoni Pro), 白鳥 由里 (Arts Vision Co. Ltd), 菊池 徹, 稲垣 雅史, (データイースト(株))
  • Cooperation : 小栗 航, アーケード版スタッフ, 大島 喜臣, 春原 軌夫, 川本 敏生, 小林 信一
  • Operation Check : 近藤 隆拓, 江副 公二, 尾形 直紀
Data East
Source: In-game credits[4]

Overseas edition

Magazine articles

Main article: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty/Magazine articles.

Promotional material

EGM US 075.pdf

Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #75: "October 1995" (1995-xx-xx)

Physical scans

Sega Titan Video version

Sega Titan Video, JP
"Long" instructions
"Long" instructions (2)
SuikoEnbu STV Cart.jpg
Instuction card(s)

Saturn version

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
85 №47, p130/131
60 №350, p33
59 №72, p36/37
82 №51, p50/51
57 [5]
69 [6]
35 [7]
50 [8]
48 №3, p46/47
Sega Saturn
Based on
9 reviews

Saturn, JP
DarkLegend Saturn JP Box Back.jpgDarkLegend Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
OutlawsoftheLostDynasty Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
OutlawsoftheLostDynasty Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Saturn, US
DarkLegend Saturn US Box Back.jpgDarkLegend Saturn US Box Front.jpg
DarkLegend Saturn US Disc.jpg
Darklegend sat us manual.pdf

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
600,578,496 1995-07-20 CD-ROM (JP) T-1302G V1.004

Track list

1. (Data track)

2. Tenkou Korin - Bukai Kaisai (00:59) 
JP: 天罡降臨~武会開催
From: Opennig~Title
Composed by: Gamadelic

3. Koukan Erabaru (01:19) 
JP: 好漢選ばる
From: Player Select
Composed by: Gamadelic

4. Koko ha Doko? Anata ha Dare? (00:13) 
JP: ここはどこ?あなたはだれ?
From: MAP~VS Screen
Composed by: Gamadelic

5. Tenshouryuha (03:02) 
JP: 天昇龍覇
From: 九紋龍 史進ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

6. Onmyo (03:02) 
JP: 陰陽
From: 豹子頭 林冲ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

7. Kaido (03:02) 
JP: 海棠
From: 一丈青 扈三娘ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

8. Fuun (03:02) 
JP: 風雲
From: 神行太保 戴宗ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

9. Nondemo Nondemo Ukyakyakya (03:02) 
JP: 飲んでも飲んでもウキャキャキャ
From: 黒旋風 李逵ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

10. Hakai Hakai (03:02) 
JP: 破壊・破壊
From: 花和尚 魯智深ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

11. Otoko ha Doukyo (03:02) 
JP: 男は道教
From: 入雲龍 公孫勝ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

12. Moeyo Tokon (03:02) 
JP: 燃えよ闘魂
From: 行者 武松ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

13. (Unknown) (03:02) 
JP: (不明)
From: 双鞭 呼延灼ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

14. Taiga to Fundoshi (03:02) 
JP: 大河と褌
From: 立地太歳 阮小ニステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

15. Gyawawa no Danna (03:02) 
JP: ぎゃわわの旦那
From: 短命二郎 阮小五ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

16. Wakage no Ikari (03:02) 
JP: 若気の怒り
From: 活閻羅 阮小七ステージ
Composed by: Gamadelic

17. Anta ha Erai! (01:02) 
JP: あんたはえらい!
From: 表彰式
Composed by: Gamadelic

18. Kurushi (00:22) 
JP: 来るし
From: 晁蓋 登場
Composed by: Gamadelic

19. Yahari Takutotenno (03:02) 
JP: やはり托塔天王
From: 晁蓋ステージ 1
Composed by: Gamadelic

20. Bakerushi (00:32) 
JP: 化けるし
From: 晁蓋 変身
Composed by: Gamadelic

21. Saredo Takutotenno (03:02) 
JP: されど托塔天王
From: 晁蓋ステージ 2
Composed by: Gamadelic

22. Ryozanpaku no Heion na Nichijo (02:11) 
JP: 梁山泊の平穏な日常
From: Ending 1
Composed by: Gamadelic

23. Daichi Kenbu (02:10) 
JP: 大地剣舞
From: Ending 2
Composed by: Gamadelic

24. Soshite Nishi he (02:11) 
JP: そして西へ
From: Credits
Composed by: Gamadelic

25. Katte Makete Dondon, Dondon, Dondon, Dondon (00:11) 
JP: 勝って負けてどんどん、どんどん、どんどん、どんどん
From: Advertise Demo
Composed by: Gamadelic

26. Madamada Tuzuku ! (00:25) 
JP: まだまだ続く !
From: Continue
Composed by: Gamadelic

27. Shugeki !! (00:08) 
JP: 終劇 !!
From: Game over
Composed by: Gamadelic
Running time: 54:11