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The Sega Saturn debuted with Sega's new "Fighting" genre classification, split from "Action" which had housed fighting games on previous consoles. The move was made presumably due to the surge in versus fighting games in the early 1990s, most inspired by Street Fighter II. It was also a time when Sega were fresh from releasing Virtua Fighter, the first full-3D fighting game.

The Sega Saturn was an obvious choice for fighting game fans thanks to its controller with six face buttons and its superior 2D rendering capabilities when compared to its rivals. Many arcade fighting games, particularly those built by Capcom enjoyed success on the system (the Saturn port of Street Fighter Alpha 3 is even said to be better than the Sega Dreamcast version). Sega also released several big hits - Fighting Vipers, Last Bronx and one of the highest rated Saturn games of all time, Fighters Megamix.

(Ed. Note – On Japanese boxes, this genre is referred to as 戦闘アクション or "Fighting Action"; this has been simplified to Fighting for English audiences.)

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