Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3

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Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3
System(s): Sega Titan Video, Sega Saturn
Arcade (Sega Titan Video)
Sega Saturn
Sound driver:
Sega Saturn
SCSP/CD-DA (27 tracks)
Peripherals supported:
Sega Saturn
Extended RAM Cartridge (1MB/4MB), 6Player
Genre: Fighting Action/Kakutou Action (格闘アクション)[1], Action[2]

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Sega Titan Video)
¥? ?

Sega Saturn
¥5,800 (6,090)5,800e[3] T-14411G
Sega Rating: All Ages
Sega Saturn
(RAM Cart)
¥7,800 (8,190)7,800e[3] T-14413G
Sega Rating: All Ages

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Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3 (グルーヴオンファイト 豪血寺一族3) is the third game in Atlus's Gouketsuji Ichizoku/Power Instinct series of fighting games. It was first released in 1997 on Sega Titan Video arcade hardware before being ported to the Sega Saturn. This entry is a 2-on-2 fighting game where the Partner character takes over if the Leader character dies.

Production credits

Arcade Staff
  • Planner: Super_K, + Bugta +, Heren
  • Designer: Yn_Dessy, Papipupe, Range, Moto, Satoru.Y, Kuki, Uhio, H.Morita, Asaki, Mandai, Monko, Y.Ogawa
  • Programmer: Missile, Toshiya, M.Yamasaki
  • Sound Creater: Dencyu
  • Helper: M.Masada, Markey, Komori
  • Scenery: Clark Kent Co.Ltd
  • Special Thanks: Mr.Yokoyama, Mr.Tanaka, Cūko, And Atlus All Staff
Saturn Staff
  • Planner: Super_K, + Bugta +
  • Designer: Yn_Dessy, Range, Dadamusi, Moto, Kuki, H.Morita, Asaki, Monko, Y.Ogawa, Y.Shiina
  • Programmer: Missile, Toshiya, S.Narita, N.Yamasaki
  • Sound Creater: Dencyu
  • Debugger: Markey, Kohzai, Fuse, Sato, Kouno, Yoshikawa, Kikunaga, Morigouchi
  • Special Thanks: Mr.Yokoyama, Mr.Iwata, Cūko, Mr.Komatsu, Mr.Satoh, Mr.Sugiura, Mr.Murata, And Atlus All Staff
Thanks For Playing
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In-game credits[4]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

GrooveOnFight Saturn JP Flyer.pdf

Saturn JP flyer
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-03: "1997-03 (1997-02-14)" (1997-01-31)
also published in:
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-06: "1997-06 (1997-03-07)" (1997-02-21)
also published in:
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-14: "1997-14 (1997-05-02)" (1997-04-18)
Print advert in Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #1997-18: "1997-18 (1997-06-06)" (1997-05-23)

Physical scans

Sega Titan Video version

Sega Titan Video, JP
"Long" instructions
GrooveOnFight STV JP Cart.jpg
Instuction card(s)

Saturn version

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Groove On Fight: Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3

Saturn, JP
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GrooveOnFight Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
GrooveOnFight Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Saturn, JP (1MB RAM Pack)
GrooveOnFight Saturn JP Box Back 1MB.jpgNospine-small.pngGrooveOnFight Saturn JP Box Front 1MB.jpg

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Saturn
606,312,672 1997-03-17 CD-ROM (JP) T-14411G, T-14413G V1.001

Track list

1. Data track
2. Absorption (0:19)
From: Partner Absorption (パートナー吸収)
3. Bad Partner (0:22)
From: Decisive Battle!Leader VS Partner (対決!リーダ-VSパートナー)
4. Break Beats (0:15)
5. Congratuation (0:19)
6. Fly Away (4:12)
From: High-Speed Fighter Plane Screen (高速の戦闘機面)
7. Gate Of Time (0:47)
From: Unmei no Solis jikuu no kanata e (運命のソーリス時空の彼方へ)
8. God Of Death (3:21)
From: Destroyed Castle Screen (破壊城面)
9. Groove On Fight (1:35)
From: Staff Roll (スタッフロール)
10. I'm Gartheimer (0:17)
From: Shoubu! Gartheimer (勝負!ゲルトハイマー)
11. Incarnation (4:32)
From: Noble castle Screen (高貴な城面)
12. Kamikaze (4:05)
From: Miyajima Screen (宮島面)
13. M.A.D. (4:11)
From: Maddened Machinery Screen (狂った機械面)
14. Mystic (2:15)
From: Omake mode
15. Oh! Baby (0:32)
From: Name Entry Screen (ネームエントリー画面)
16. Periodically (0:31)
From: Opening Demo (オープニングデモ)
17. Poor Thing Man (0:18)
From: The True Enemy Bristol Appears (真の敵ブリストル登場)
18. Red Bird (4:10)
From: Steel Factory Screen (鋼の工場面)
19. Result of Fight (0:35)
20. Revive (0:14)
From: Resurrected Bristol (復活ブリストル)
21. Soshite... (0:34)
From: Ending Demo (エンディングデモ)
22. Soul Selecter (1:22)
From: Player Select Screen (プレイヤーセレクト画面)
23. Start! (0:35)
From: Press Start Screen (プレススタート画面)
24. Time Is Tango (4:04)
From: Wall Clock Screen (柱時計面)
25. Ume & Tane (0:20)
From: Leader's Decisive Battle!Oume & Otane Appears (頭主決定戦!お梅&お種登場)
26. We Are Stronger (0:19)
From: Winner Screen (ウイナー画面)
27. Who Are You? (1:21)
From: Gouketsuji Gekiha Gartheimer Appears (豪血寺撃破ゲルトハイマー登場)
28. World Step (4:27)
From: Ruins Screen (遺跡面)
Running time: 45:52

Extra content

This game has extra content which can be viewed when accessing the disc on a PC.

Folder / File Type Size description
G3_ABS.TXT TXT (Abstract) 202 About this game.
G3_BIB.TXT TXT (Bibliographiced) 68 About original game
G3_CPY.TXT TXT (Copyright) 34 Copyright