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David Perry
Place of birth: Lisburn, Ireland, United Kingdom
Date of birth: 1967-04-04 (age 54)
Company(ies): Mikro-Gen, Probe Software, Virgin Games, Shiny Entertainment, Gaikai
Role(s): Programmer, Designer, Executive

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David Perry is an Irish video game programmer and designer[1], and founder of American developer Shiny Entertainment. Known for his numerous contributions to the game software industry, and for his particular style of direction-driven camera control in his various Sega Mega Drive games, Perry has become one of the Western game world's more recognizable celebrity developers, and has remained working in the game industry (most notably co-founding game streaming service Gaikai in 2008.)



David Perry's cameo in the debug menu of Disney's Aladdin.

David Perry made a number of cameo appearances in the games he developed, most notably as a digitized photograph of his head in the debug menus of the Sega Mega Drive games Cool Spot and Disney's Aladdin.

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