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System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Release Date RRP Code
    Sega Mega-CD
    $62.9962.99[1] T-70065
    Videogame Rating Council: GA
    Sega Mega-CD
    Sega Mega-CD
    DM 119.00119.00[6] T-70035-50
    Sega Mega-CD
    £44.9944.99[3][4][5] T-70035-50
    Sega Mega-CD
    OFLC: G8

    Dune is an adventure(?) game for the Sega Mega-CD based on the David Lynch film with the same name, which itself is based on a book written by famed science-fiction author Frank Herbert. Unlike the better known, ground-breaking real-time strategy game Dune II: Battle for Arrakis, Dune is an adventure game.

    The game is pretty much a port of the PC / Amiga version with a lower color palette but better quality music, voice acting and cutscenes ripped directly from the movie. The developers took story elements from both the book and movie while adding some of their own.


    Taking place in a fictional universe, players will assume control of Paul Atreides, only child of the House Atreides and attempt to take control of the Arrakis, also known as "Dune", an unforgiving and hostile desert planet, but also the only place in the universe in which an extremely valuable substance called "Spice" can be mined.

    Paul must forge an alliance with the "Fremen" planet's native inhabitants, mine the precious spice and raise an army powerful enough to challenge House Harkonnen, former rulers of the Arrakis and sworn enemies of the House Atreides.

    Even though the game follows the story of the book and the movie quite faithfully, certain storyline elements have been removed such as Paul's Gom Jabbar test, betrayal of Dr. Yueh or Sardoukar attack on Castle Caladan. Duke Leto's death also occurs off-screen. Princess Irulan also only appears during the movie cutscenes and never in the game.


    Dune is an adventure game with strategy elements. While following a story line, players must also recruit and command Fremen, locate or purchase valuable equipment that will help them during their duties and mine spice. Mining Spice is important part of the game as Paul must send a tribute to Emperor Shaddam in every few days. Inability to send the demanded tribute will result in a game over.

    Paul must also stay clear from Harkonnen occupied territory and pick right choices during certain adventure segments in order to stay alive. Losing battles while participating them will also result in death.

    Commanding Fremen is the most important part of the game. While they will be mostly useful for Spice Mining, after a certain part of the game they can be trained for combat. A certain character will also allow your Fremen to be trained as farmers but this has very little effect in the game.

    In adventure segments, up to two characters can follow Paul as companions. They can offer insight into the situation your are in and even help you if you are stuck.

    Majority of the Dune's terrain consists of caves called "Sietchs" in which Fremen live. Travelling between different locations can be done with either Ornithopter (a helicopter like vehicle) or riding sandworms, gigantic worm like creatures that is worshipped by Fremen as gods.


    Paul Atreides
    Main character and heir to the Atreides line. He is the product of centuries long careful genetical planning. Fremen believe that he is the "Muad'dib", the chosen one that will bring peace to Dune. His in game portait looks like Kyle McLachlan, the actor played him in the 1984 movie.
    Leto Atreides
    Paul's father and ruler of the House Atreides. An honorable and decent man who is convinced that allying with the Fremen is the only way to defeat Harkonnen.
    Lady Jessica
    Paul's mother and Duke Leto's concubine. A member of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, Lady Jessica has potent psychic powers and she believes that Paul actions will change the universe forever. Her ingame portrait looks like Francesca Annis, the actress who played her in the 1984 movie.
    Duncan Idaho
    Duncan acts as some form of a accountant, informing you about the status of spice mining in Dune and helping you to send tributes to Emperor Shaddam.
    Thufir Hawat
    Duke Leto's "mentat" (a high ranking, talented assistant), Thufir will assist you in many ways from the Carthag Palace. His resemblance to a certain nightmarish creature has also been noted.
    Gurney Halleck
    Warrior-poet Gurney Halleck will be in charge of military matters. He will be insturmental in training the Fremen for combat.
    Leader of Fremen, Stilgar will be your most important companion during the game, assisting you with recruiting other Fremen and providing strategic counsel for future battles. Thankfully, he doesn't spit on anyone in the game.
    A likeable and brave Fremen girl, Chiani will have a very important role in Paul's destiny.
    Liet Kynes
    An ecologist who dedicated his life to bringing vegetation to Dune, Kynes will provide you technology to make Dune a slightly less hostile planet to live.
    A recently widowed Fremen, Harah will have a very limited role in the story.
    Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
    This decrepit, overweight and cruel man is the leader of the House Harkonnen, quite possibly most violent faction in the universe and sworn enemy of the House Atreides. Baron Harkonnen is angry over the loss of Dune and will not hesitate do anything to wrest the control of the planet from his hated enemy.
    Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen
    Baron Vladimir's nephew, Feyd has little role in the game besides taunting you over the comms. Unfortunately he will not be seen wearing his "Harkonnen Thong" in this game.
    Emperor Shaddam IV
    Cold and calculating ruler of the known universe, Shaddam needs spice from Dune to pay the debts he acquired during a civil war years ago. If you cannot pay for his tributes, he will send his elite group of warriors, Sardoukar, after you.


    Equipment can be either found in sietchs or Harkonnen bases. They can also be purchased from smugglers in villages.

    • Harvester: Increases spice mining speed considerably. Only for mining groups.
    • Ornithopter: Will protect mining groups from Sandworm attacks. If given to prospectors, it will allow them to move more quickly.
    • Krys Knives: First weapon type equipment for army groups. A nasty knife with a long curved blade.
    • Laser Guns: Second weapon type equipment for army groups. Primary ranged weapon in the Dune universe.
    • Weirding Modules: Third weapon type equipment for army groups. A device that ampifies voice significantly, allowing it to be used as sonic weapon.
    • Atomics: Fourth weapon type equipment for army groups. Illegal nuclear weapons.
    • Bulbs: For ecologist groups only. Allows fremen to start growing vegetation as long as there is a Windtrap in the sietch.

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