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For the Sega Mega Drive game, see Dynamite Headdy.


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Dynamite Headdy
System(s): Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Sega
Sega Master System
Tec Toy
Genre: Action[1][2][3]

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥3,8003,800 G-3355
Sega Game Gear
Videogame Rating Council: GA
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear
£29.9929.99[6] 2544-50
Sega Master System
Tectoy: Todas as Idades

Dynamite Headdy (ダイナマイトヘッディー) is a platform game developed by Minato Giken and published by Sega for the Sega Game Gear, based on the Sega Mega Drive game of the same name originally developed by Treasure. Tec Toy also brought it to the Sega Master System in Brazil.

These 8-bit versions are similar to their 16-bit counterpart on the Mega Drive, but features a smaller set of levels and different boss fights.


On-stage Rampage! The curtain is raised, and the Treasure Theater Show begins. The star of the show is Dynamite Headdy, the guy with the coolest head on stage.

But danger lurks backstage—Trouble Bruin, a henchman of Dark Demon, stirs up trouble as he tries to do away with Headdy! But Trouble Bruin is small stuffing compared to Dark Demon, who strives to rule the world by converting its inhabitants into his evil minions! Most devastating are the Keymasters, who serve as Dark Demon's elite guard.

As Dynamite Headdy, it's up to you to defeat Dark Demon and restore peace to the world. Step into the spotlight and a world where the props go wild and nothing is as it seems. Remember—a cool head always prevails!

— US manual[7]

The game stars Headdy, a heroic puppet with interchangeable heads who was captured, but was rejected and has escaped from incineration. He must defeat the evil Dark Demon, an evil emperor who wishes to take over the land of puppets. Along the way, he will face opposition by Trouble Bruin/Maruyama, a bear doll who lurks backstage to pursue Headdy at every turn possible in order to defeat him and take over the show. Heather/Fingy, who collects the keys from bosses, is nowhere to be seen in this version.


Gameplay in the 8-bit versions of Dynamite Headdy is largely the same as the Mega Drive version, in which the player travels across levels known as "Scenes", each of which are split into multiple levels. Compared to the Mega Drive version, there are only six scenes with fewer levels.

The core mechanic of the game is Headdy's head, which can detach from his body in eight directions for a variety of purposes by pressing 1, the most common of which is to attack enemies. Besides attacking, Headdy can also use his head to interact with other objects such as boxes and switches, or to grab on to HangMan to pull himself to high places or to bring platforms into reach. Headdy can also upgrade his head with temporary Power Up Heads provided to him by HeadCase; Headdy can only use them for a short amount of time. These powerups cannot be cancelled manually in this version of the game.

Like the Mega Drive version, the game has multiple bosses to fight, with Scenes having mini-bosses that appear at specific points. Unlike the Mega Drive version, most of the major bosses, encountered in the final level of each Scene, are battles against Trouble Bruin/Maruyama, though Beau will still appear to indicate weak points to the player. Secret Bonus Points are hidden all over each Scene in the game, and are found by meeting certain conditions such as defeating specific enemies or mini-bosses, destroying certain targets, or attacking Bino. Finding Secret Bonus Points only serves to increase the player's score at the end of each Scene.


Awards 50 points.
Restores a portion of Headdy's health.

Power Up Heads

The 8-bit versions have a far smaller number of Power Up Heads, with only five of them being available:

Slammer Head
Doubles Headdy's attack power.
War Head
Automatically sprays projectiles in eight directions all around Headdy. Has the appearance of the Pig Head in this version.
Super Head
Makes Headdy move faster and jump higher, and increases his attack range.
Sleepy Head
Makes Headdy fall asleep to regain health. This can leave him vulnerable to attacks, however. Button 1 can be pressed to make Headdy wake up early.
Vacuum Head
Sucks in all nearby enemies and items when 1 is held. Headdy cannot grab on to HangMan with this head.


DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 1-1.png

1-1: The Getaway/Escape Hero!
The game opens with an auto-running section in which Headdy must clear obstacles in his path as he runs. In this version, the Spikes land in front of Headdy instead of behind him, and must be destroyed by hitting them in order to proceed. The Robo-Collector does not appear in this version.

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 1-2.png

1-2: Bear Essentials/Maruyama First
The first battle against recurring boss Trouble Bruin/Maruyama is split off into its own sub-scene from the previous section. His attack pattern is the same in that he will charge at Headdy, only to hit the left side of the screen and become vulnerable from the recoil, except he will not charge his attacks. It takes four hits to defeat him.

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 2-1.png

2-1: Toys N the Hood/Puppet Town
The first proper level in the game, with various platforms and objects to interact with. The first sections of the level are in line with the same Scene in the Mega Drive version, though later sections are based on Scene 4-1 from the Mega Drive version, featuring Happy Campers.

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 2-2.png

2-2: Back Stage/Backstreet Trio
This level is based on the backstage areas of the Mega Drive version's Scene 4-1, but with additional mini-bosses. The first mini-boss is Catherine Derigueur/Catherine Degoon (normally fought in Toys in the Hood), the second mini-boss is the Super Tank Machine, and Rebecca remains in place as the third mini-boss.

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 2-3.png

2-3: Opening Night/Maruyama Walnut Cut
Instead of fighting Mad Dog/Bounty Boundy, the player fights Trouble Bruin/Maruyama in a suit based on the Mega Drive version's boss. Trouble Bruin bounces back and forth between both sides of the screen, causing objects to fall on Headdy. His weak point is the tail.

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 3-1.png

3-1: Going Underground/Volcanic Cave Set

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 3-2.png

3-2: Hooked/Hi-Speed Rale Set

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 3-3.png

3-3: Stagestruck/Maruyama Prima Donna

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 4-1.png

4-1: Stepping Up/Crumble Tower

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 4-2.png

4-2: Rising Fun/Tower Inside Bone

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 4-3.png

4-3: Hi Anxiety/Maruyama King of Sky

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 5-1.png

5-1: Room Service/Multiplex Castle

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 5-2.png

5-2: Twin Freaks/Maruyama Twin Faces

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 6-1.png

6-1: Fatal Contraption/Maruyama Last Chance

DynamiteHeaddy SMS Stage 6-2.png

6-2: Finale Analysis/Final Attack!

Production credits

Game Gear version

  • Producer: Hoko Chan
  • Director: Garry
  • Planner: Oop Mash
  • Programmers: Shinji Uniyama, Nodoka Koharubi, Ken Matudaira
  • Designers: Quest Kubo, Oop Mash, EI EI O, Bon
  • Sound: Ako Matudaira
  • Special Thanks To: Ogata, Endo, Yumeko Hosino, Akemi Chan, Kanshu, Treasure
  • Interpreters: Shinobu Shindo, James Spahn
In-game credits
Dynamite Headdy GG credits.pdf

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Promotional material

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Physical scans

Master System version

Master System, BR
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Game Gear version

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Dynamite Headdy (8-bit)

Game Gear, JP
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Game Gear, US
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Game Gear, EU
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Game Gear, FR (Blister pack)
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Game Gear, PT

Technical information

ROM dump status

System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
Sega Master System
CRC32 7db5b0fa
MD5 7f57481d870465fc3a6412d87f0a8e38
SHA-1 12877c1c9bfba6462606717cf0a94f700ac970e4
512kB Cartridge (BR)
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 f6af4b6b
MD5 79a0d819e9cddebcb80e28a174ff2005
SHA-1 a8e3f447089537b52e40958c07610bfead82442d
512kB Cartridge (JP)
Sega Game Gear
CRC32 610ff95c
MD5 2da61f019f30eb0795cfd6eb9d5b54c6
SHA-1 a8c8b5252a885d466e044e6055336513d988e661
512kB Cartridge (US/EU)
Sega Game Gear
1994-07-06 Page
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1994-07-05 Page
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1994-07-01 Page
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Dynamite Headdy (8-bit)

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