Ecco: Songs of Time

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Ecco: Songs of Time
Formats(s): CD
Record label: Sega Music Group
Artist: Spencer Nilsen, David Young, Brad Kaiser, Mitch Manker, Jennifer Hruska, Brian Coburn, Erik Frykman
Composer: Spencer Nilsen, David Young, Brad Kaiser
Arranger: Spencer Nilsen
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
$16.0016.00 697-124 126-2

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Ecco: Songs of Time is an album containing music from Ecco the Dolphin and its sequel Ecco: The Tides of Time.

Track list

Ecco: The Tides of Time:

1. Abyss (4:43)
2. Botswana (3:17)
3. The Desert Below (2:42)
4. Deception (2:05)
5. Deep Marjimba (3:14)
6. Blue Dream (3:26)
7. St. Gabriel's Mask (4:32)
8. Heart of the Giant (2:40)
9. Transcended (3:21)
10. Mountains Below (3:37)
11. Treefish (3:40)

Ecco the Dolphin:

12. Aqua Vistas (4:24)
13. Lonesome Search (1:49)
14. Friend or Foe (6:06)
15. Motion E (4:08)
16. The Machine (3:26)
17. Sounding Echo (3:11)
18. Time Forgotten (4:01)
Running time: 64:22

Physical scans

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