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Brian Coburn
Date of birth: 1963-02-07 (age 61)
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician

Brian Coburn is a sound designer and former Sega of America employee. During his employment at Sega he composed music for a few titles but mainly designed sound effects as part of the Sega Multimedia Studio (located in Redwood City, California). He later became a part of SegaSoft upon its inception in 1995, but left in late 1996 to join BMI following his work on Mr. Bones.

He has since performed sound roles for various game developers for games published by EA, Atari and Konami.

Production history



Song credits

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Sonic Spinball (Mega Drive Version)

  • Lava Powerhouse — Music & Arrangement

Doom (32X Version)

  • At Doom's Gate (Level 1, 10) — Arrangement
  • The Imps Song (Level 2, 11) — Arrangement
  • Dark Halls (Level 3, 12) — Arrangement
  • Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) (Level 4, 13) — Arrangement
  • Suspense (Level 5, 14) — Arrangement
  • On the Hunt (Level 6, 15) — Arrangement
  • Demons on the Prey (Level 7, Final) — Arrangement
  • Sign of Evil (Level 8, Secret) — Arrangement
  • Hiding the Secret (Level 9) — Arrangement
  • Intermission from DOOM (Demo) — Arrangement
  • Sweet Little Dead Bunny (Staff Roll) — Arrangement
  • At Doom's Gate — Arrangement [NOTE: Beta version]
  • Title — Arrangement [NOTE: Unused]
  • Victory — Arrangement [NOTE: Unused]

Ghen War

  • Evil Things — Music and lyrics written, produced and performed by
  • Burn — Music and lyrics written, produced and performed by

Mr. Bones

  • Skeletism Generator — Music & Arrangement, Produced by



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