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Creative Support, also known as Developer Creative Support, was an internal division of SegaSoft dedicated to providing sound effects, music composition, dialog and music recording, editing, mixing, and other audio support services to Sega of America's third-party video game developers.[1][2]


Once the Sega CD version of Jurassic Park was finalized and released in December 1993, Sega Multimedia Studio saw heavy restructuring. The studio was soon split into three branches sometime in 1994[1] (Sega Music Group, Creative Support, and Developer Technical Support) and lost its dedicated audio team, who largely migrated to positions at Creative Support.[3]

Creative Support was dedicated to supporting third-party developers, with the remnants of Sega Multimedia Studio supporting third-party developers. Despite this, Creative Support head David Javelosa recalls having to frequently move between groups in the course of his work.[1]

Following Creative Support's closure, the original team ended up moving to roles at third-party development companies, or switching to more technically-minded positions.[4]


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