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Mr. Bones
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Saturn
Sound driver: SCSP/CD-DA (9/11 tracks)
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Saturn
¥5,800 GS-9127
Sega Saturn
$? 81016
Sega Saturn
£39.99[1] MK81016-50
Sega Saturn
?F MK81016-50
Sega Saturn
DM ? MK81016-50
Sega Saturn
?Ptas MK81016-50
Sega Saturn
R$? 193126

Mr. Bones (ミスター・ボーンズ) is a Sega Saturn action game. For the most part, it is a 2D platformer, though each stage plays differently to the last.

Production credits

Developed by Zono Inc.
  • Project Leader: Jeff Fort
  • Hero/Core/Stage Programmer: Simon Hallam
  • Core/Stage Programmer: Dave Castelnouvo
  • Stage Programmer: Thibault Lepoutre
  • Stage Programmer: Bob Meissner
  • Hero Animator/Game Artist: Michael Gates
  • Game Artist: Jason Hough
  • Supplemental Sprite Artist: Brian Collins
  • Administrative Coordinator: Marion Fort
  • Managing Producer: Ed Zobrist
  • Game Design: Annunziata & Novak
Art & Cinematics: Angel Studios
  • Creative Director: Jill Hunt
  • Producer: Jennifer Johnston
  • Cinematic Design/Storyboards: Allen Battino
  • Art Director: Daren Bader
  • Animators: Michael Limber, James Polk, Peter Megow, Rod Stafford
  • Lighting: Carlos Cabral
  • 3D Artists: Stacy Curry, Rob Howard, Lisa Mulvaney, Brian Newlin
  • Technical Consultant: Jim McLeod
  • Technical Support: Mark Adan, Scott Vye, Teresa Shaw
  • Motion Capture Programmer: Tim Monk
  • Motion Capture Support: Art Wasem
  • Production Assistant: Glen Hernandez
  • Music Composed And Performed by: Ronnie Montrose
  • Additional Music Composition, Arrangement And Programming For The Saturn by: Jim Hedges
  • Generator Room Level Music Composed & Produced by: Brian Coburn
  • Interactive Music Design and Audio Programming: Tom Miley
  • Sound design: Brian Coburn
  • Recording And Mix Engineer: Gordon Lyon
  • Audio Production Coordinator: Gordon Lyon
  • Audio: Philip Perkins
  • Midi Sound Recordist: Jennifer Hruska
  • Percussion: Michele Graybeal
  • Song Lyrics: Merle Kessler, Ronnie Thanks Tim Derwallis & Jeremy Stappard @ Sony USA
  • Screenplay by: Merle Kessler
  • Cinematic Post Production: Eric Caplain
  • Talent Coordinator: Adam Sevillia
  • Production Coordinators: Marianne Arotzarena, Debbie Kramer
  • Animator: Suzie Greene, John Broenen
  • Artist: Ernie Chan
  • Additional Animation: Metropolis Digital, Bruce Straley
  • Additional Programming: Ray Frericks
Live Action Crew
  • Director of Photography: Bill Holshevnikoff
  • Ultimattist: Jim Rolin
  • Key Grips: Jamie Campana, Jim Stewart
  • Gaffer: Daryl Flowers, Greg Davies
  • Swing/Grip: Lana Bernberg, Chris Schellenberger
  • Jib Arm Operator: Maciel Lopez
  • Jib From Northern Lights: Mike Murphy
Additional Crew
  • Costumes & Props: Laura Hazless
  • Fiber Optic Specialist: Richard Dubin
  • Make-Up & Props: Joeann Edmonds
  • Assistants On The Set: David Young, Jennifer Hruska, Joe Cain

Magazine articles

Main article: Mr. Bones/Magazine articles.

Promotional material


EGM2 US 29.pdfEGM2 US 29.pdf

Print advert in
EGM² (US) #29: "November 1996" (1996-xx-xx)
also published in:
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #89: "December 1996" (1996-xx-xx)[2]

SSM JP 19970711 1997-23.pdf

Print advert in
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #59: "1997-23 (1997-07-11)" (1997-06-27)

SSM JP 19970718 1997-24.pdf

Print advert in
Sega Saturn Magazine (JP) #60: "1997-24 (1997-07-18)" (1997-07-04)

Physical scans

Sega Retro Average 
Publication Score Source
89 №61, p118/119
63 №446, p33
60 №55, p72
89 №71, p88/89
66 №20, p66/67[3]
70 №1997-22, p171[4]
83 №, p10Media:SnGwSISDRZK Book JP.pdf[5]
76 №92
Sega Saturn
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8 reviews

Saturn, US
MrBones Saturn US Box Back.jpgMrBones Saturn US Box Front.jpg
MrBones Saturn US Disc.jpg
Disc 1
Mrbones sat us manual.pdf
Saturn, EU
MrBones Saturn EU Box.jpg
Saturn, JP
MrBones Saturn JP Box Back.jpgMrBones Saturn JP Box Front.jpg
MrBones Saturn JP Spinecard.jpg
MrBones Saturn JP Disc.jpg
Disc 1
MrBones Saturn JP Disc2.jpg
Disc 2
Saturn, BR
MrBones BR cover.jpg


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