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Kenji Mizuno
Employment history:
Role(s): Composer, Musician
Twitter: @MizunoKenji_MZK

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Kenji Mizuno (水野 健治) is a musician at Sega.


Kenji Mizuno joined Sega Interactive in 2018, with his first job being to compose music for the story mode in Ongeki[1]. He also began creating music and sound effects for maimai and Chunithm in his first year[2] and writing the new introduction theme for Wonderland Wars: Nanatsu Iro no Romance.

In 2019 he helped with orchestral production for the Ongeki vocal song "Natsuiro Hanabi"[2], co-credited to Mizuno and Daisuke Anayama. He also wrote the full-length Wonderland Wars theme "Burning Steel Inferno" with Takahiro Kai.

In 2020 he created his first solo playable song for rhythm games, the maimai Deluxe Splash song "≠彡"/了→" (a Leet-like corruption for the katakana キミツアー[3]). He further co-wrote playable songs to the different Performai/Gekichumai franchises the next year with "μ3" (debuted in Ongeki Bright Memory[4]) and "DA'AT -The First Seeker of Souls-" (debuted in Chunithm New Plus[5]).

At the end of 2021, a new game released in a series he had played since childhood[6]: Sonic Frontiers. In its aftermath, he made his first appearance in a live broadcast, on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel[7][8][2]. He and many others composed music for Sonic Superstars in 2023, and shortly thereafter, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

His appearance was incorporated into rhythm games in 2023, where he choreographed and, alongside Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, starred in the music video for their song "I still love somebody"[9][2].

Production history



Song credits

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Wonderland Wars

  • Introduction -Glorious Warfare- — Music, Arrangement, Lyrics & Mixing (with Kai
  • Wonderskill Jingles Vol.5 — Music, Arrangement, Lyrics & Mixing (with Tae Fujimoto, Kai)
  • Burning Steel Inferno — Music, Arrangement, Lyrics & Mixing (with Kai)
  • Wonderskill Jingles Vol.6 — Music, Arrangement, Lyrics & Mixing (with Tae Fujimoto, Satoshi Oike and Iona Takashima)

maimai FiNALE

  • リザルト(クリア) BGM — Music & Arrangement
  • FiNALEコース BGM — Music & Arrangement

maimai DX Splash

  • ≠彡"/了→- — Music & Arrangement

Ongeki R.E.D.

Chunithm Paradise Lost

Chunithm New

  • DA'AT -The First Seeker of Souls- — Music & Arrangement (with Kanon Oguni)

Ongeki Bright Memory

maimai 10th Anniversary Original CD

  • モ゜ルモ゜ル (MZK Skippin' Remix) — Arrangement

Sonic Frontiers

  • Cyber Space 1-6: Go Back 2 Your Roots — Music & Arrangement
  • Cyber Space 3-6: Enjoy this World — Music & Arrangement
  • Cyber Space 4-8: No Pain, No Gain — Music & Arrangement