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Daisuke Anayama
Employment history:
Sega (2007[1][2][3] – )
Role(s): Composer, Musician
Education: Tokyo Polytechnic University (Department of Interactive Media, 2007)[2][3]
Twitter: @anayama_daisuke

Daisuke Anayama (穴山 大輔) is a musician at Sega. He joined the company in 2007, originally working on card arcade games aimed at children.[1][4] He later worked on console games for a year and a half before being involved with the first entry in the Chunithm series. Since then he has become the leader of sound for the maimai, Chunithm and Ongeki series.

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Song credits

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Sengoku Taisen

  • 双龍 Two dragons — Music & Arrangement

Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin!

  • 〜全ての始まり〜 — Music & Arrangement
  • 〜夜の帳が降りる頃〜 — Music & Arrangement

Wonderland Wars

maimai MURASAKi

  • エントリー BGM — Music & Arrangement
  • リザルト BGM — Music & Arrangement
  • リザルト(クリア) BGM — Music & Arrangement
  • 総合リザルト BGM — Music & Arrangement

Chunithm Air Plus

  • 混沌を越えし我らが神聖なる調律主を讃えよ — Music & Arrangement

maimai MiLK

  • エントリー BGM — Music & Arrangement

Chunithm Star Plus

  • Misdeed -la bonté de Dieu et l'origine du mal- — Music & Arrangement (with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi)

Ongeki Summer

Ongeki R.E.D.

  • 夏色花火 — Music & Arrangement (with Kenji Mizuno)
  • 脳天直撃 — Music & Arrangement (with Daisuke Kurosawa)
  • fulgente (flip-side color mix) — Arrangement

Chunithm Paradise

  • ANU — Music & Arrangement (with sasakure.UK)

Chunithm Paradise Lost

Chunithm New

Ongeki Bright Memory



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