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Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Rocket Science Games[1] (US) Tec Toy[2] (BR)
Supporting companies:
Peripherals supported: Six Button Control Pad
Genre: Shooting

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
Videogame Rating Council: MA-13
Sega Mega-CD
R$69.9969.99 063486
Tectoy: 13+
Non-Sega versions

Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine is a Sega Mega-CD full-motion video rail shooter game developed and published by Rocket Science Games as the company's flagship title. Originally seeing an American release in November 1994, it was later brought to Brazil by Tec Toy in December 1996.


Loadstar, Loadstar.png

Loadstar, Camel.png

Loadstar and contraband camel

In the 22nd century, Tully Bodine is an "Outroller," a trucker who pilots a "Jump Truck" freightliner named the Loadstar on utility rails through space. Looking for one last big haul before retirement, Tully has agreed to convoy contraband camels (used for carrying cargo across the Martian landscape) for big cash. He has to steer clear of the police, led by the spiteful Sheriff Wompler, in the process.


Loadstar, Tully Bodine.png

Loadstar, Mortimer.png

Tully Bodine and Mortimer

The game is a full-motion video shooting game resembling the earlier Mega-CD game Sewer Shark. The player controls a crosshair using the D-Pad. The crosshair can be used to target enemies and fire on them using the Loadstar's "Sapper" with C or to target their projectiles and neutralize them using the Loadstar's shield with B. Neither device shows a projectile when used. On the final level, the Loadstar has an additional means of offense, a degausser, activated with A+B (or X). The degausser attacks every enemy on screen without aiming but can only be used a limited number of times.

The game is literally "on rails," as the freightliner pilots itself as it rolls down the tracks of the game's levels, with the player deciding to turn left or right by moving the crosshair to the edges of the screen when approaching a junction. Each level has a destination visible in the background that must be reached within the allotted time by making the right turns and by using the on-screen compass. The current heading is given as an angle. Taking the wrong turns results in traveling in circles. It is sometimes necessary to switch tracks to avoid a collision. The Loadstar's onboard computer, Mortimer, who is depicted as a smiley face, notifies Tully of upcoming hazards and provides directions occasionally. The Loadstar also has a horn, honked with A, which is used to move slow traffic out of the way and to alert oncoming freighters to switch tracks in order to avoid a collision.

The Loadstar has a damage meter that increases as it takes damage from enemies. If the damage meter reaches 100%, the Loadstar loses "maglev" and falls to the track, grinding to a halt; the player must then restart the level at the cost of a life. Colliding with another freighter also costs a life. If the timer reaches zero, the player must restart the stage even if completed. The player gains an extra life after completing each level.

The Loadstar is equipped with a "Megashield" that is activated with B+C (or Z). It renders the Loadstar impervious to damage. The screen tints green to indicate that the Megashield is active. The Megashield depletes while it is active, but it regenerates quickly when it is not used. Levels have maintenance bays that the Loadstar can turn into to be repaired. Mortimer notifies Tully when a maintenance bay is approaching.

The game saves the player's progress to the Mega-CD's internal memory. During gameplay, the player can invoke the main menu with A+B+C+ START  to restart the current level, replay any previously accessed level, or watch the introduction or the credits.


Loadstar, Stage 1 Destination.png

Loadstar, Stage 1.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 1 Destination.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 1.png

Level 1

Loadstar, Stage 2 Destination.png

Loadstar, Stage 2.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 2 Destination.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 2.png

Level 2

Loadstar, Stage 3 Destination.png

Loadstar, Stage 3.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 3 Destination.png

  • Loadstar, Stage 3.png

Level 3


The IBM PC version of the game shipped on three CD-ROMs, which was cut down to one for the Mega-CD release. Besides reduced video quality, the Mega-CD version omits the level bosses and the last level. While the PC version uses the mouse for aiming the crosshair and the arrow keys on the keyboard for steering the Loadstar, the Mega-CD version uses the D-Pad for both, leaving the player vulnerable to enemy fire when turning.[4]

Production credits

  • Producer: Matthew Fassberg
  • Story & Concept Design: Ron Cobb
  • Interactive Design: Brian Moriarty
  • Digital Production Supervisor: Richard Cohen
  • Digital Matte Painting Supervisor: Mark Sullivan
  • Production Designer: David Nakabayashi
  • Engineers: Peter Barrett, Sean Callahan, Cary Clark, Cary Clark, George Cossey, Edward Harp, Mickey Killianey, Mark Krueger, Bruce Leak, Tony Myles, Joe Tretinik
Digital Production
  • Computer Animation: George Chang, Richard Cohen, Dean Hadlock, Hayden Landis, Neil Lim Sany, Gary Siela
  • Matte Painting: Brian Flora, Mark Nonnenmacher, Mark Sullivan
  • Digital Models: George Chang, Thalia Georgopoulos, Fred Lewis, Dean Hadlock
  • Digital Compositing: George Chang, Wade Childress, Richard Cohen
  • Texture Maps: George Chang, Brian Flora, Chris Green, David Nakabayashi, Mark Nonnenmacher
Post Production
  • Western Images
    • Producer: Todd Lindo
    • Editor: John Henkel, Alan Chimenti
    • Colorist: Jim Barrett
    • Technical Director: Jerry Castro
  • Sound Engineer: Mary Ellen Perry (Music Annex)
  • Sound Design: Gary Clayton, Matthew Fasshery, Brian Walker
  • Gameplay Music: Dean Menta (Neuromantic Productions)
  • Scoring: Mark Leggett (Legativity Music)
  • Voice Over
    • Scorpion: Jonathan Ackley
    • Ward: Matthew Fassberg
    • Toaster: Chris Green
    • Mort: Brian Moriarty
    • SAP: Veronica O'Donovan
  • Ground Control: Mike Backes, Grey Butler, Anna Caldwell, Cathy Callahan, Lacey Gordon, Julie Jaros, Li Kramer, Tom Laskawy, Brian Moriarty, Elon Musk, Veronica O'Donovan, Tony Payne, Rosa Peralta, Susanna Richards, Josh Smith, Josh Viers, Brandy Wilson
  • Mission Control
    • President, CEO: Steve Blank
    • CFO: Mark Greenough
    • VP Business Affairs: Jim Wickett
    • Executive VP: Peter Barrett
    • Executive Producer: Mark Mullen
  • Special Thanks: Kathryn Gould, Jon Feiber... For having the faith
Live Action
  • One Heart Productions
    • Director: Phil Parmet
    • Executive Producer: Tammara Wells
    • Line Producer: Eric Deutsch
Production Department
  • Production Manager: Darrin Ball
  • Assoc. Producer/Script Breakdown: Martin Pitts
  • Production Consultant: Eric Small
  • 2ND Assistant Director: Greg Eyemo
  • Production Assistant: Damon Nonas, Jeff Kuntz, Brian Baker, Carolyn Coal
  • Craft Service: Nancy Carradine
  • Script Supervisor: Trisha Ronten
  • Casting Director: Pam Rack
  • Fight Coordinator: Bob Goodwin
Art Department
  • Production Designer: Vance Lorenzini
  • Production Manager: Renee Frigo
  • Lead Man: Grey Dellerson
  • Property Master: Bill Averill
  • Sound Department
    • Sound Recordist: Tommy Lockett
    • Boom Operator: Matt Markey
  • Camera Department
    • Camera Operator: Kim Haun
    • Assistant Camera: Linda Morgenstern
    • 2ND Assistant Camera: George Baker
    • Still Photographer: Darrell Randazzo
  • Electric Department
    • Gaffer: Patrick Melly
    • Best Boy Electric: Anthony John
    • Electric: Colin Edwards
    • Swing: Kevin Harrop
  • Grip Department
  • Key Grip: Irv Gorman
  • Best Boy Grip: Gene Rivera
  • Grip: Scotty Graves
  • Wardrobe
    • Stylist: Dana Allyson
    • Assistant Stylist: Lisa Parmet, Rosanne Fiedler
  • Make-Up/Hair
    • Key Make-Up: Judd Minter
    • Key Hair Stylist: Danielle Russell
    • Make-Up: Cinzia Zanetti, Susan Seligman
  • Starring
    • Tully Bodine: Barry Primus
    • Sheriff Wompler: Ned Beatty
  • Principals
    • Snid: Michael P. Byrne
    • News Anchor: Cristi Conaway
    • Vern: John Beatty
    • Rat Rag Baxter: Prince Hughes
    • Helium Head O' Bannon: Craig Ryan Ng
    • Nails: Jolie Jackunas
  • Featured
    • Bartender #1: Tony Cox
    • Bartender #2: Michael Anderson
    • Moon Dog: Steve Randazzo
    • Deputy #1: Paul Quinn
    • Deputy #2: Richard Haje
  • Extras
    • Bouncer: Gary Willison
    • Trucker: Scott Schauer
    • Trucker: Earnest L. Brown
    • Strange Character: Patrice Quinn
    • Waitress: Regana Redd
    • Worker: Pamela Sillman
    • Worker: William Richards
    • Waitress: Tamara Lunt
    • Bar Character: Lynn Zeigler
    • Bar Character: Steve Friedlander
    • Bar Girl: Karen Sempertequi
    • Man in Silly Hat: Peter Barrett
    • Camel Bay Betty: Veronica O'Donovan
  • Packaging and manual design: Three 8 Creative Group
US manual
Loadstar mcd us manual.pdf


BMG Interactive Entertainment had once planned to bring the game to Europe[6], but these plans ultimately fell through.


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Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine

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