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Mitsuaki Sugibayashi
Employment history:
Sega (2002[1] – )
Role(s): Marketing

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Mitsuaki Sugibayashi (杉林 充章) was a publicist and sales manager at Sega, involved with Sega Direct. He left to join Capcom.

He was part of Sega's web team, operating the official Sega website and, under the name Sugirin (杉リン), serializing the community site Sugirin no Bibibicamera no Zubabababaan! (Bibizuba for short).[1]

He wanted to become a musician in elementary school, and as Sugirin, collaborated with [H.]'s Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi to produce ひょっこり音頭, a song which he wrote while on a summer vacation.[3] The song was included on the limited release album Service Games 01, which he also produced.

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