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Arcade version

OutRun Arcade Bored.png

Wait on the starting line for about 15 seconds after the lights go green, and the man waving the flag will eventually stop and look away from the driver in disgust (after a few encouraging "move" animations).

Mega Drive version

Hyper difficulty

OutRun MD HyperDifficulty.png

On the main menu screen, press CCCCCCCCCC (10) Select. The game will load up the options screen with a new extra hard difficulty available - "Hyper".

Hyper options

OutRun MD HyperOptions.png

On the main menu screen, press AAAAAAAAAAA (11) BBB (3) CCCCCCCC (8) Select. This will load up "hyper options", with an added stage and mode select. This also unlocks hyper difficulty as listed above.


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