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Sega Arcade History
Publisher: Enterbrain
Genre: Misc books
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¥1,800 (1,890)1,800e[2]


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Sega Arcade History (セガ・アーケード・ヒストリー) is a reference guide to Sega's back-catalogue of arcade games (released in Japan). It was released on the same day as Sega Consumer History and was written by the authors of Famitsu DC.

It contains descriptions and trivia of games listed in chronological order, with each year's introduction mentioning some notable games both from Sega and the general gaming landscape. These pages also has a list of hidden content on the bottom of each page, but these do not correspond to the games present on said pages. Instead, they are listed in Gojuuon order.

Each chapter also contains interviews with key Sega developers and executives and a contained chronological topic, such as of arcade boards, cabinets, attractions, promotional material, etc.

At the end is an index sorting games based on Gojuuon and genre.

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