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Sega Euro Challenge 92
Date: 1992-04-111992-05-10
Location: France
Attendance: 150.000[1]

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The Sega Euro Challenge 92 was a Sega gaming event and exhibition, held on a train, in France, from April 11 to May 10, 1992, jointly organized by Sega France, French private radio station NRJ, Agence Confino-Alphabeth, a French agency specialized in scenography and museum design[2][3] founded in 1978[4] by Swiss-French architect, museographer and scenographer François Confino[5] and Trains Expo Événements SNCF[6], a division of SNCF, specialized in the organization of events on trains[7], a successful concept created in 1972[8] by Claude Picard, former manager of SNCF Gares & Connexions, a branch of SNCF, responsible for managing and developing passenger stations on the French national rail network, which consisted of organizing exhibitions on dedicated trains dubbed "Trains Forum" (sing. "Train Forum") and offering them to partners willing to finance them at a time when the railway universe was hardly in fashion.

The train toured by the railway stations of 23 of the largest French cities, namely, Paris (Montparnasse Railway Station; 04/11 and 04/12), Rennes (04/13), Caen (04/14), Rouen (Madellaine; 04/15), Amiens (04/18), Lille (04/19), Nancy (04/20), Strasbourg (04/21), Mulhouse (04/22), Besançon (04/23), Dijon (04/24), Clermont-Ferrand (04/25), Lyon (Lyon-Perrache Railway Station, 04/26), Grenoble (04/27), Marseille (04/28), Montpellier (04/29), Toulouse (05/01), Bordeaux (05/02), Limoges (05/03), Nantes (05/06), Angers (05/08), Le Mans (05/09) and Orléans (05/10).

Young visitors of the train from all the 23 cities, would compete in the games Super Monaco GP and Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive and Master System for a score and the players with the first 20 best scores would be qualyfied for the grand final.

The grand final was held in Paris on May 24, 1992 at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie[9] ("City of Science and Industry") the biggest science museum in Europe. The winner of the event was entitled to a place in the 1992 Sega European Championship[10] held[11][12] in England, at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London to compete for the title of European Champion, where after the challenge, all finalists were driven on limousine to Michael Jackson's concert at Wembley Stadium (Dangerous World Tour) before going to Spain to enjoy a wonderful weekend at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona[13] on August 1, 1992.

The carriages of the train were also transformed into large exhibition booths equipped with the best that Sega could offer at the time, such as arcades and consoles with a great quantity of video games that visitors could play at no charge and also with innovations like the Mega-CD or the Game Gear TV Tuner (never released in France) which were shown to the French public for the first time.

Despite its name, this "Euro" challenge was exclusive to France.

The event returned the following year as Challenge Européen Sega 1993.

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Print advert in Player One (FR) #19: "Avril 1992" (1992-04-10)
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