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Sega Taikan Game Special
Format(s): Compact Cassette, CD
Publisher: Alfa Records
Record label: G.M.O. Records
Composer: Hiro
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Cassette
¥2,8002,800 ALC-28096
Compact Disc
¥2,8002,800 28XA-198

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Sega Taikan Game Special (セガ体感ゲーム・スペシャル) is a collection of music from various Sega arcade games, including After Burner, Hang-On, OutRun and Space Harrier. It was released for both CD and audio cassette in 1987.

Track list

After Burner:

1. Maximum Power ~ Final Take Off (5:04) 
2. Red Out (3:21) 
3. Super Stripe (2:03) 
4. After Burner (5:22) 
5. City 2 (1:45) 


6. Magical Sound Shower (5:57) 
7. Passing Breeze (5:47) 
8. Sprash Wave (5:55) 
9. Last Wave (1:51) 
10. Hang On (4:20) 

Space Harrier:

11. Theme (4:10) 
12. Squilla ~ Ida (2:34) 
13. Godarni (1:20) 
14. Wiwi Jumbo ~ Battle Field (2:40) 
15. Syura (1:50) 
16. Valda (1:05) 
17. Stanray (1:20) 
18. Lake Side Memory (1:04) 
19. Winner's Song (0:35) 
Running time: 58:03

Production credits

  • Produced by: Nobuyuki Ohnogi & Kazusuke Obi for G.M.O. Label
  • Directed by: Yoshihiro Ohno
  • Special Thanks to: SEGA Sound Staff and SEGA Super Advertising Dept.
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