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Sega UFO Catcher
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Prize

Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (prize game)
$? ?
Arcade (prize game)
£? ?

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Sega UFO Catcher is an arcade prize redemption game created by Sega. It was released in June 2006.

Sega UFO Catcher was released as part of the UFO Catcher series of crane games, however unlike its older (and newer) siblings, this variant was not designed for Japan, instead being rolled out across North America and Europe. It was the first UFO Catcher to be released outside of Japan (although crane games by different manufacturers are widespread). Sega UFO Catcher builds upon the technology seen in UFO Catcher 7 but contrary to popular belief, is not the same game.

Sega UFO Catcher is a heavily customizable unit with a built in 19-inch LCD television. Unlike Japanese models, it is not controlled just by buttons, but instead comes equipped with four-directional joysticks. The machine comes with 3 uniquely sized arms and 3 types of shovels (hooks) to accommodate almost any prize. Sega offered additional options, such as a 20” media player with Flash ROM to run customized advertisements or a fun instructional video, Plexiglas risers to better display prizes, bill acceptors and a security bar.

Digital manuals

Promotional material

PressRelease 2006-03-30 UFOCatcher.pdf

US press release

SegaUFOCatcher Arcade US Flyer.pdf

US flyer

SegaUFOCatcher Arcade UK Flyer.pdf

UK flyer

Sega UFO Catcher Brochure.pdf

Sega UFO Catcher Brochure


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