Software Studios

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Software Studios
Founded: 1986-04
Southampton, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom[1]

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Software Studios was a British video game developer[1] and internal division of Electric Dreams Software.


Founded in 1986 by John Dean and Dave Cummings, and active throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Software Studios was Electric Dreams Software's internal game development division, and was founded to coordinate resources, staff, and ideas between its parent company's various projects.

Software Studios was responsible for handling Activision-owned properties in Europe (including those licensed from Sega), and sub-contracted the actual game development work to developers like Images Design, MD Software and Focus. The role Software Studios played in these circumstances is also unknown - they may have simply been co-publishers, or may have had a direct hand in development, managing smaller studios responsible for producing programming, graphics, or sound.

Curiously, the Software Studios name continued to be used after Electric Dreams Software ceased game publishing.


Note: Software Studios may have produced every Activision-branded Sega port - there is insufficient evidence at present to prove it at this time.