Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence

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Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Divergence
Studio: Powerhouse Animation Studios
Publisher: Sega
Original channel(s): YouTube
Running time: 6 minutes and 9 seconds
Language: English, Japanese
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Production credits

  • Directed by: Tyson Hesse
  • Supervising Producers: Yukio Kusumoto, Ryan Hamlyn
  • Producer: Jasmin Hernandez
  • Written by: Ian Flynn
  • Creative Consultant: Evan Stanley
  • Special Thanks: Aaron Webber, Justin Thormann, Katie Chrzanowski, Michael Cisneros
  • Animation by: Powerhouse Animation Studios
  • Executive Producer: Brad Graeber
  • Studio Executive: Bruce Tinnin
  • Supervising Producer: Shane Minshew
  • Producer: Ryan Arrington, Rachel Citron
  • Supervising Director: Kellan Stover
  • Supervising Technical Director: Lindsey Chastain
  • Background Director: Chris Beaver
  • Outsource Coordinator: Mark-Ryan Magallanez
  • Production Assistants: Sergio Diaz, Ember Schwager
  • Supervising Pre-production Artist: Meg Kluck
  • Pre-production Artists: Mikk Dado, Rebekah Jin, Tory Patterson, Savannah Ruddy
  • Storyboard Artists: Rebekah Jin, Meg Kluck, Miguel Ángel Montañez Aragón, Kellan Stover
  • Supervising Background/Layout Illustrator: Megan Redlich
  • Background/Layout Illustrators: Chris Beaver, Caroline Born, Brett Carville, Maya Dumas, Ashley Lange, Dania Nava
  • Supervising Animators: Tyler Richlen, Deanna Trudeau
  • Animators: Tom De Vis, Jeff Freeman, Manuela Gonzalez, Miguel Ángel Montañez Aragón, Elena Suarez, Kellan Stover, India Swift, Ben Thomas, John Varvir
  • Compositing Lead(s): Jennifer Fields, Sofia Puerto
  • Compositors: Kevin Cavanagh, Lindsey Chastain, Steven Garcia, Nick Graves
HANHO Credits
  • Model/Animation Checking: Hee Sun Kim
  • Clean Up Animators: So Hee Yoon, Young Hwa Sa, Seung Yeal Oh
  • Color: Sul Oh
  • Production Manager: So Sang Yoon
  • Supervisor: Seok Ki Kim
End Credit Music - I'm Here (Instrumental)
Ending credits


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