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File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "May 1996" "Next Wave: Super Sonic"
US-publication EGM learns of a new Sonic the Hedgehog game and speculates what it might be. Their vague description suggests this is Sonic X-treme, claiming it to be a 3D side-scrolling action game using pre-rendered character sprites for the Sega Saturn. A port of Sonic the Fighters being explicitly ruled out, although the 3D model they use in this article came from a prototype of that game. This article was published before E3 1996, when X-treme was revealed to the public.
Cover article
1996-05-04 Game Players (US), "Vol. 9 No. 6 June 1996" "Sonic's Red Shoe Diaries"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-05-22 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "June 1996" "Amazing Stop Press News!"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-05-30 Maximum (UK), "May 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Consoles + (FR), "Spécial USA: La Guerre des Consoles supplement"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Mega Console (IT), "Giugno 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-0x-xx Player One (FR), "Juin 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-06 Sega Power (UK), "August 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 Computer & Video Games (UK), "July 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 Fun Generation (DE), "07/96"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 MAN!AC (DE), "07/96"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 neXt Level (DE), "Juli 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-14 Sega Saturn Magazine (JP), "1996-10 (1996-06-28)"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-19 Mega Fun (DE), "07/96"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-xx Edge (UK), "July 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Hobby Consolas (ES), "Junio 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-07 Saturn Fan (JP), "1996 No. 13"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx CD Consoles (FR), "Juillet/Août 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx GameFan (US), "Volume 4, Issue 7: July 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-07-xx VideoGames (US), "August 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Hyper (AU), "August 1996"
Cover article
1996-06-03 Mean Machines Sega (UK), "July 1996" "Cover Story: Sonic X-treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-11 Game Players (US), "Vol. 9 No. 7 July 1996" "Sonic's Red Shoe Diaries Part 2"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-12 Computer & Video Games (UK), "July 1996" "E3 Show Report: Sonic X-treme"
Cover article
1996-06-12 Sega Magazin (DE), "Juli 1996" "Special: Sonic ist Zurück"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-18 Next Generation (US), "July 1996" "NG Alphas: Sonic X-Treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-20 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "July 1996" "Sonic is Back!"
Coverage of E3 1996 in the UK's Sega Saturn Magazine.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-06-20 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "July 1996" "Showcase: X-pect the X-treme!"
Later in the issue, a more detailed preview, complete with interview with producer Mike Wallis.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "July 1996" "Sonic X-Treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Playmag (FR), "Juillet/Août 1996" "Playview: Sonic X treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx SuperGamePower (BR), "Agosto 1996" "Pré Estréia: Sonic X Treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-07-09 Game Players (US), "Vol. 9 No. 8 August 1996" "Sega E3 All-Stars: Sonic X-treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-07-20 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "August 1996" "More Sonic!"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx GamePro (US), "August 1996" "Sonic X-Treme"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-08-06 Game Players (US), "Vol. 9 No. 9 September 1996" "Sonic's Red Shoe Diaries Part III"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-09-09 Computer & Video Games (UK), "October 1996 (Freeplay #6)" "Sonic Extreme in Limbo!"
Short paragraph stating that "Sonic Extreme" has been cancelled due to quality concerns.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-09-18 Sega Saturn Magazine (UK), "October 1996" "Sonic Xtreme Canned"
A paragraph in the UK Sega Saturn Magazine explaining that a Saturn port of Sonic 3D Flickies' Island will be released instead of the now cancelled Sonic X-treme. There were no screenshots of the Saturn version available at the time, so the magazine uses Mega Drive ones.
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-10-04 Mean Machines Sega (UK), "November 1996" "News: Sonic is Dead! Long Live Sonic!"
A full page article describing the cancellation of Sonic X-treme and the Saturn port of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-10-22 Next Generation (US), "November 1996" "In the Studio"
Brief mention of Sonic X-treme being cancelled.
1997-xx-xx Strana Igr (RU), "Fevral 1997"
Freak 47 IL Sonic X-Treme.jpg 1996-xx-xx Freak (IL), "9/96"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-xx-xx Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "October 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-1x-xx Mega Force (FR), "Novembre/Décembre 1996"
Logo-pdf.svg 1996-10-09 Sega Magazin (DE), "November 1996" Advertises a promised release date of March 1997.
Logo-pdf.svg 2001-02-06 Electronic Gaming Monthly (US), "March 2001" "Sonic Doomed"
A brief mention of Sonic X-treme in a feature documenting the history of Sonic, in anticipation for Sonic Adventure 2.
Logo-pdf.svg 2001-06-21 Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK), "July 2001" "Abort! Abort!"
A small mention of Sonic X-treme and Sonic Crackers as part of a retrospective in a review of Sonic Adventure 2 on the Sega Dreamcast. The game is viewed negatively, with ODM staff member Ed Lomas having described it as "awful".