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In-game credits[1]



Hirokazu Yasuhara (Carol Yas)

  • Supervised schedules for the developers, including programmer and artists.[7]
  • Designed all zones.[7]
  • Designed patterns for enemies and placed these enemies.[7]
  • Designed game mechanics.
  • Designed gameplay, including special stages.[7]
  • Created the game's story and worldbuilding.[7]
  • Coordinated music development with composer Masato Nakamura.[7]

Naoto Ohshima (BigIsland)

  • Created concept art for all zones.[8]
  • Created character drafts for the Japanese cover art.[5]

Jina Ishiwatari (Jiyna)

Rieko Kodama (Phenix Rie)

Hiroshi Kubota (Jimita)

Yukifumi Makino (Macky)

Keisuke Tsukahara

  • Provided the sample of the Sega jingle used before the title screen.[4]

Akira Watanabe

  • Created the character art on the Japanese cover.[5]

Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
81 Green Hill Zone Yes
82 Labyrinth Zone Yes
83 Marble Zone Yes
84 Star Light Zone Yes
85 Spring Yard Zone Yes
86 Scrap Brain Zone Yes
87 Invincibility Yes
88 1-UP Yes
89 Special Stage Yes
8A Title screen Yes
8B Ending Yes
8C Boss Yes
8D Final Zone Yes
8E Act clear Yes
8F Game over Yes
90 Continue Yes
91 Credits Yes
92 Drowning countdown Yes
93 Chaos Emerald Yes


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