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Stereo FM Tuner
Made for: Sega Game Gear
Manufacturer: Recoton, Beeshu
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Sega Game Gear

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The Stereo FM Tuner is a third party accessory for the Sega Game Gear. It was manufactured by Recoton who distributed it themselves, but it was also distributed by Beeshu with their own branding.

Similar to the Game Gear TV Tuner, the FM Tuner fits into the Game Gear's cartridge slot to pick up transmissions, however the FM Tuner does FM radio as opposed to television. Features include a tuning button, volume button, and a headset plug. Oddly, unlike most analogue radios, it cannot interpret AM signals, and so the user cannot listen to medium or long wave stations.


Physical scans

Game Gear, (Recoton)
SteroFMTuner GG Box Front.jpg
Game Gear, (Beeshu)
StereoGearFMTuner Box front.jpg
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