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PowerBack GG US Front.jpg
Game Gear PowerBack
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: Sega Game Gear
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Game Gear
¥6,800[1] HGG-3017
Sega Game Gear
$49.99[2] 2142

The PowerBack Rechargeable Battery Pack, known as the Power Battery (パワーバッテリー) in Japan, is one of several solutions to the Sega Game Gear's short battery life. It is Sega's second attempt to create a rechargable battery pack, after the not-particularly-convienient Game Gear Battery Pack.

The major advantage of the PowerBack is that it clips onto the unit to be used full time. However like so many other accessories, the added weight and volume again acts against the idea that the console should be portable. It screws in to the Game Gear but is not directly connected to the system until the lead sticking out at the top is connected to the AC input of the console. It takes two hours to charge and was designed to save users money on AA batteries. It also has an AC input of its own, so can remain a permanent accessory.

Though you may expect it to, the PowerBack does not fit inside the battery holding area, so it is fully possible to take your Game Gear out with both methods of power. It can be charged with a Mega Drive model 2 AC adaptor, often bundled with the unit (or a Game Gear Car Adaptor). There is a switch on the underside to choose whether to divert all mains power to charging the battery, or to give some of that to the Game Gear unit itself for play.

In its prime, the PowerBack could supposedly average about 8 hours of play (relying on AA batteries would see about 5-6 at best). The PowerBack was released quite late into the unit's lifecycle and so did not see a release in Europe.


Promotional material

EGM US 059.pdfEGM US 059.pdf

Print advert in Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #59: "June 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
also published in:
  • GamePro (US) #60: "July 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[3]
  • Sega Visions (US) #20: "August/September 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[4]
  • Sega Visions (US) #21: "October/November 1994" (1994-xx-xx)[5]
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  • GamePro (US) #66: "January 1995" (199x-xx-xx)[8]
  • Sega Visions (US) #23: "February/March 1995" (199x-xx-xx)[9]

Physical scans

Game Gear, US
PowerBack GG US Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngPowerBackRechargeableBatteryPack box front.jpg
Game Gear, CA
PowerBack GG CA Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngPowerBack GG CA Box Front.jpg
Game Gear, JP
PowerBattery GG JP Box Front.jpg
Game Gear, JP (AC Adaptor Set)
PowerBatteryACAdaptorSet GG JP Box Front.jpg

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