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There are many third party Screen Magnifiers for the Sega Game Gear, all with the same purpose - to clip onto the handheld and make the screen appear bigger.

Box Name Brand Date & Price Images Documentation
MagniGear GG Box Front.jpg
MagniGear Beeshu US $9.99[1] (>=1990)

UK £11.99[2][3] (>=1990)

ScreenMagnifier Box front.jpg
Screen Magnifier Doc's (>=1990)

GearMagnifierII GG Box Front.jpg
Gear Magnifier II Fire (>=1990)

MG2 GG Box Front.jpg
MG-2 Freetron (>=1990)
MG2 GG.jpg

Loupe GG FR Box Front.jpg
Loupe Gamester (>=1990)

WideView GG Box Front.jpg
WideView Gamester (>=1990)[4]

MasterView GG Box Front.jpg
Master View Innovation (>=1990)

Magnifer GG US Box Back.jpgNospine.pngMagnifer GG US Box Front.jpg
Magnifier Mad Catz (1993)

WideGear GG FR Box Front MegaLand.jpg
Wide Gear Mega Land (199x)

WideMaster GG Box Back MG1.jpgNospine-small.pngWideMaster GG Box Front MG1.jpg
Wide Master MG-1 (>=1990)

MagniScreen GG CA Box Back.jpgNospine.pngMagniScreen GG CA Box Front.jpg
Magni Screen Naki (>=1990)
MagniScreen GG.jpg

SuperMagniScreen GG Box Back Naki.jpgNospine.pngSuperMagniScreen GG Box Front Naki.jpg
Super Magni Screen Naki (1993)

SuperZoom GG Box Front.jpg
Super Zoom Performance (>=1990)

ScreenMagnifier GG US Box Front Recoton.jpg
Screen Magnifier for Game Gear Recoton (>=1990)

ZoomGear GG Box Front SuperCobra.jpg
Zoom Gear Super Cobra (>=1990)

SuperMagniScreen GG Box Back SuperUFO Yellow.jpgNospine.pngSuperMagniScreen GG Box Front SuperUFO Yellow.jpg
Super Magni Screen Super UFO (>=1990)

SuperMagniScreen GG Box Back SuperUFO Blue.jpgNospine.pngSuperMagniScreen GG Box Front SuperUFO Blue.jpg
Super Magni Screen Super UFO (>=1990)

Wide Gear VidiTex (>=1990), £12.99[5]

Big Gear ?? (>=1990)

GGMagnifier GG Box Front.jpg
G.G. Magnifier ?? (>=1990)
GGMagnifier GG.jpg

WideGear GG Unknown Region Box Front.jpg
Big Window II ?? (>=1990)


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