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Extended lives options

SoR3 MD 9Lives.png

Highlight Lives in the options screen, hold Up+A+B+C on Controller 2, and press Left or Right on Controller 1. This will extend the maximum number of starting lives from 5 to 9.

Level select

SoR3 MD LevelSelect 1.png

Highlight Battle in the main menu, hold Up+B (now highlighting Options), then press Select. A different sound will confirm correct entry, and a level select will now appear in the Options menu.

The level select will only go up to Stage 6, but Game Genie code CC2T-JAC2 will enable Stages 7A and 7B in this menu.

Advanced level select

SoR3 MD LevelSelect 2.png

A more advanced level select is hidden in the game, requiring Pro Action Replay code FFFB01:0010 to access it. Unlike the above, this screen allows starting from exact scenes, including the unused motorbike levels (see below). This screen can be accessed in both Bare Knuckle III and Streets of Rage 3.

Play as the same character

SoR3 MD PlayAsSameCharacter 1.png
SoR3 MD PlayAsSameCharacter 2.png

Hold Down+C on Controller 2 while selecting 2 Player or Battle. Both players will now be able to select the same character as each other.

Hidden characters


SoR3 MD HiddenCharacter Roo.png

Defeat Bruce/Danch without defeating Roo/Victy in Stage 2. When continuing after running out of lives, he can be selected.

Alternatively, Roo can be unlocked at the beginning by holding Up+B and pressing Select at the title screen.



Defeat Shiva in Stage 1, and hold B+Select on Controller 1. When continuing after running out of lives, he can be selected.



Defeat Ash in Stage 1, and hold A on Controller 1 when dealing the final blow. When continuing after running out of lives, he can be selected.

Ash can only be unlocked in Bare Knuckle III. Due to his removal in Streets of Rage 3, he cannot be accessed by normal means, but his playable data is still intact and he can be re-enabled as a playable character by using Game Genie code BAWA-AAA0.

Super Zan

SoR3 MD HiddenCharacter SuperZan.png

On the Player Select screen, highlight Zan and hold C on both controllers, and keep the buttons held until the first level begins.

Unused content

Motorbiking levels

StreetsOfRage3 MD SonicSign.png
SoR3 MD Round7B Motorbike.png

Two unused motorbike levels exist within the game, both following Stage 6 and leading to their respective levels whether the player rescued General Ivan Petrov/the Chief of Police in time or not. One is set in the wasteland where the player has to get to Mr. X's base while avoiding a biker throwing petrol bombs, while the other is set on a bridge with Donovan chucking barrels at the player in an attempt to stop them from reaching the White House/city hall.

These levels are at their most functional in Bare Knuckle III, leading to where they go as intended, but are completely unplayable in Streets of Rage 3 due to the pointers for the graphics and palettes being corrupted; the wasteland ends as soon as it loads, and the bridge crashes when it ends. Copying the relevant data from a Bare Knuckle III savestate will help fix these issues.


Streets of Rage 3
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