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Localisation comparisons

SuperFantasyZone MD JP Sega.png

NTSC-J console

SuperFantasyZone MD EU Sega.png

NTSC-U/PAL consoles

All versions will include a ™ symbol next to the Sega logo if they are played on an NTSC-U or PAL console.

Super Fantasy Zone title.png

NTSC-J version (Japanese)

SuperFantasyZone MD US TitleScreen.png

NTSC-J version (English)

SuperFantasyZone MD EU TitleScreen.png

PAL version

The copyright information is changed in the PAL version, discarding the Sunsoft logo for plain text reading "REPROGRAMMED BY SUNSOFT". Interestingly, if the NTSC-J version is played on an NTSC-U or PAL system, "LICENSED BY SEGA ENTERPRISES LTD." is added beneath the copyright information. All versions of the Mega Drive Mini use the NTSC-J version set to English mode for non-Asian languages, as does the Nintendo Switch Online release in Western regions.


Super Fantasy Zone

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