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Cheat mode

SuperFantasyZone MD CheatMode.png

During play, pause the game with controller one, and on controller two, press HOLD Down-left START then B. This should cause the text "PASS" to start flashing underneath the pause text[1]. From here:

  • A (controller one) - Clean pause.
  • B (controller one) - Toggle between normal, "NO HIT" (invincibility) and "FREE PLAY" (unlimited lives) modes.
  • C (controller one) - Skip to the next level.
  • A (controller two) - Receive $99,999,999 in Gold.
  • B (controller two) - Remove PASS text.
  • C (controller two) - Destroy all bases, and therefore trigger the boss.

Original Fantasy Zone music

SuperFantasyZone MD Options.png

The entire soundtrack from the original Fantasy Zone (minus Ya-Da-Yo and Victory Way) can be listened to in the sound test. To use this soundtrack in the game, press HOLD A+B+C START  on Controller 1 when highlighting "GAME START" on the title screen, and keep all four buttons held down until the game begins[2].


Super Fantasy Zone

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