Teeny Weeny Games

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Teeny Weeny Games
Founded: 1991
Defunct: 2001
Merged with: Perfect Entertainment
Headquarters: United Kingdom

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Teeny Weeny Games, Ltd., later known as Perfect 10 Productions, was a British game developer and division of Beam Software.


Founded by Angela Sutherland, the company was generally secretive about development credit (going as far as to credit the programmer of the Sega Mega Drive version of Predator 2 as simply "???".) All the company's Sega games were composed by Matt Furniss.

In 1996, Teeny Weeny Games later merged with Perfect Entertainment to become Perfect 10 Productions.

In early 2000, the company accepted a game development contract from 20th Century Fox. The producer of that game, and other 20th Century Fox staff, purchased a majority stake in Teeny Weeny Games, and closed the developer one year later.