The Third World War

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The Third World War
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Publisher: Micronet (JP), Extreme Entertainment Group (US)
Peripherals supported: CD BackUp RAM Cart
Genre: Simulation

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega-CD
¥7,800 T-22034
Sega Mega-CD
$? T-22025

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The Third World War (ザ・サード ワールド ウォー) is a Sega Mega-CD strategy game.

The Third World War is a grand strategy game released for Sega Mega-CD. Players will take control a country of their choosing and attempt to gain military or economical supremacy while at the same time developing their economy and technology level. In addition to the grand strategy options played in a global map, players will also command their forces in real time strategy various maps.

Bignet/Micronet planned a Sega Mega Drive version of Third World War for release in December 1992. It was later shown at Winter CES 1992[1].

Japanese version of the game has a hilarious cover depicting Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein shaking hands and smiling while background is being ravaged by war.



The Third World War
This is the world situation at the early 90s. United States is immensely powerful while China and Russia have trouble keeping their armed forces due to economical problems. UK, Japan, Germany and France have similar troubles while underdogs like Iraq, Libya and South Africa are in perfect position to assert local dominance.

This is a recommended campaign for newcomers.

Cold War
Final stages of the Cold War takes place in late 80s. While both USA and Russia have immensely powerful military forces, this large spending is also bleeding their economies dry. Concentrating the GNP improvement is the key here.
War in the Pacific
After annexing several ASEAN nations, Japan becomes immensely powerful in this scenario, enough to challenge the US. Aiding the revolutionaries and terrorists in this scenarios will be beneficial.
Superpowers reduce their military spendings while developing nations such as Iraq, Libya, South Africa and India are re-emerging as potential challengers.
The Economic Struggle
Unless you invade someone, there will be no wars during this campaign as every nation is focusing on developing their own economies and taking control of the others. Investments will be key to victory here. Try to defend your and your vassal states' economies from revolutions while spraking them in enemy countries.


=United States of America
God bless United States and no one else

Powerful in terms of economy and military, USA is a perfect country for beginners. Use your strong economy to invest in technology and establish your domination over the globe. Don't be afraid to invade and bomb the hell out ofexpand freedom and democracy to other nations.

Cyka Blyat

After USA, Russia is next best candidate for world domination. Use your vodka powered well-trained and motivated forces to expand into Eastern Europe and beyond.


With a mostly defensive military force, Japan is not the best candidate for military victory. However, your nation's strong economy will allow you to either establish economical dominance or rebuild your army to challenge other superpowers. Make good use of your high school girls special forces, cosplayers, furries and animeinternational trust to make necessary treaties with other nations.

Sieg Zeon! Deutchland über Alles!

Germany is very powerful economically and has a decent ground force. Their air force and navy is quite mediocre though. Either start a new ground war in Europe or conquer other nations with your potent economy.

Your massive manpower is your greatest strength. Focus on a ground war as your navy is utter crap.
Laissez à l'abandon. Juste au cas où.

An average nation. Focus on domestic policies to survive. Unfortunately you cannot play realistically as France in Third World War as this game has no "surrender" or "appeasement" options.

United Kingdom
By George, old chap. Perhaps we should bring the big guns?

Being an island nation, UK is pretty much immune to ground invasion. If everything else fails, you can send Queen's mutated alien lizard army powerful Royal Navy to expand your influence.

Pretty much everyone around you hates you. Be very mindful of terrorist attacks and revolutionary rebellions. Make good use of Bollywood film industry your status as an emerging superpower. An alliance with Russia might help too.
South Africa
Being in the southernmost tip of the Africa, makes SA an isolated nation. On the bright side, this means other countries will leave you alone. Expand further into Africa and swallow Libya. After that you are set for a world power.
Just like SA, conquer the South and Central America first.
Remember the Emu War Tobruk

You are also in a isolated position so focus on swallowing your neighbors. You have painfully low manpower so pick you invasion targets carefully and never become overconfident.


You are in a relatively safe area. Being a neighbor to USA can be either a blessing or a death sentence, depending on the scenario. Focus on domestic issues first and don't worry aboot about military expansions too much.

Iraq, for obvious reasons, have very low international trust, so don't bother with treaties too much. Increase your GNP even further with your oil revenue and launch as many invasions as possible.
Israel is a country that punches considerably above its weight. Use your well-trained and powerful army to expand influence. Your economy will need some help though and you can't rely on economic aid from USA forever.
Saudi Arabia
Saddam is coming for you. Quickly use your powerful GNP to expand your armed forces. You may also make Americans fight for youask help from United States.
You have a pathetic military. On the plus side, your strong GNP can be used to aid terror attacks and revolutions around the world.

Production credits

  • チーフ: M.カトー
  • プログラム: M.カトー, 堀川 謙太郎, 池田 貴之, 常田 稔, SKELETON
  • グラフィック: をたぼう, 奈良岡 勇一郎, 本間 仁, 小田桐 孝一, のむやん
  • 作曲・編曲・音源制作: 田中 遊梦, PIRATA, KAPPA, FANDANGO CO., LTD
  • ナレーション: 篠原 正典
  • SE・セリフ・TD: Studio メディアD
  • 音響効果・編集: (株)ミツエーリンクス
  • デジタイズ: 常田 稔
  • システムサポート: 釈迦
  • 広報: PAGE BOY, おじゃえ, 奈良岡 勇一郎
  • スペシャルサンクス: 黄木 薫
  • Extreme Staff: SNM
  • アルバイター: 宮村 恭子, 池田 俊也
  • 資料映像: WTN, CNN
  • プロデュース: 村上 晶彦
  • 映像提供: CNN Cable News Network (USA), WTN World TV News (USA)
  • 制作・著作: Micronet
Source: In-game credits (JP)[2]

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

Print advert in Game Players (US) #0705: "Vol. 7 No. 5 May 1994" (1994-xx-xx)
also published in:
Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1993-12: "December 1993" (1993-11-08)
Print advert in Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #1994-01: "January 1994" (1993-12-08)

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50 [4]
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74 №32, p166
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60 №1993-12, p43
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85 [6]
72 [7]
81 №10, p34-36
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