Thrill of the Feel

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File:ThrilloftheFeel CD JP booklet.pdf
Thrill of the Feel
Format(s): CD
Record label: Victor Entertainment
Artist: Sons of Angels
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,400 (2,520)2400e[2] VICP-61014

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Track list

1. The Star Spangled Banner (1:21) 
  • Written by: Public domain
2. Dangerous Ground (2:31) 
3. Into The Wind (4:28) 
4. Fill It Up (2:29) 
5. Revvin' Up (4:34) 
6. Rush Into The Crazy World (0:47) 
7. In The Lead (4:01) 
8. Watch Me Fly... (5:09) 
9. On The Road Again (1:40) 
10. Fuel Me (2:43) 
11. When The Sun Goes Down (1:49) 
12. All The Way (4:07) 
Bonus Track
13. Open Your Heart (5:11) 
Running time: 40:50

Production credits

  • Additional musicians:
    • lead guitars on "rush into the crazy world" and "all the way": Kazuhide Shirota
    • piano on "watch me fly...": Yutaka Minobe
    • gang vogals on "dangerous ground": Yukio Morikawa & Jun Senoue
  • Tracked by: Venom at Can-Am Recorders, Tarzana, California, Hirokazu Akashi & Yoshitada Miya at Sega Digital Studio, Tokyo, Japan, Masahiro Fukuhara at MIT Studio, Tokyo, Japan
  • Assisted by: Jon Krupp & Travis Smith at Can-Am Recorders, Sawako Sogabe at Sega Digital Studio, Yuki Asawa at MIT Studio
  • Mixed by: Venom at Can-Am Recorders, Hirokazu Akashi at Sega Digital Studio
  • Mastered by: Isao Kikuchi at Warner Music Mastering
  • A&R Direction: Seigo Horiuchi and Kirk Maetani at Victor Entertainment, Inc.
  • Promotions: Hirotaka Machida at Sega R&D#5
  • Legal and Business Affairs: Mariko Takeda at Sega Enterprises, Ltd., Hirofumi Iwanaga at Victor Entertainment, inc.
  • Artwork Direction: Tomoko Miura
  • Graphic Design: Akiko Tasaki
  • Photography: Tsugu Wada at Kudo Studio, Marina Del Ray, CA
Credits for bonus track "Open Your Heart"
  • Produced and arranged by: Jun Senoue
  • Tracked by: Stan Katayama at Can-Am Recorders, Hirokazu Akashi at Sega Digital Studio
  • Assisted by: Patrick Shevelin at Can-Am Recorders, Yoshitada Miya at Sega Digital Studio
  • Mixed by: Stan Katayama at Can-Am Recorders
  • Sound effects by: Fumie Kumatani
  • Johnny Gioeli would like to thank...: my family for the support and love that I sometimes don't deserve and yet continue to receive. To my darling Princess Katy... I love you beyond words. Thank you Jun for a GREAT time in the studio-heres to chicken wraps and rock and roll. Thanks Venom for sinking your teeth into that SSL.
  • Jun Senoue would like to thank...: Chieko for your love & support, my sweet Juri and rest of my family, Yukifumi Makino and everyone at Sega digital media P&D, Kenji Sasaki and everyone at Sega R&D#5, especially Jun Taniguchi, Kenji Arai, Isao Matsumoto at NASCAR Rubbin' Racing Team, Kazuo Koizumi at Sega music Inc., Eric Martin from MR.BIG for the cool band name!!, Isao Miyazaki and Hiroki Hayashi at ESP guitars, Kaz Hirose and Yumiko Haba at BURRN! magazine, Satoshi Yoshida & Takahisa Ohno at GiGS magazine, Larry Cummins and everyone at Can-Am Recorders, Makoto Suzuki, Kiyoshi Yoshida and everyone at MIT gathering, Minoru Shoji, Jimmy and everyone at Show'z House, Shunsuke Kato at Levi stauss Japan, Sandy Einstein, Mr. Tommy at UDO for your kindness!, Stan Katayama, Takahiro "Gary" Fukada, Yasu Yokote at Performance guitar and Bell-Brass Blocks!, Takayuki Nishizawa at Pearl musical instrument co., Daisuke Ogawa & Norio Satomi for the cool stickers for my guitars, CCC for Chinese Chicken Wrap!, and all my friends and fans!!!
  • Naota Shibata & Hirotsugu Homma would like to thank...: Kazuhisa Yoshizawa, Hiroshi Sasaki, Takayuki Nishizawa and Kouzi Tsukidata at Pearl musical instruments co.