ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth

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ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth
System(s): Xbox
Genre: Action

Number of players: 1-2
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$49.95[1] 64020
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ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth is the sequel to ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. It was originally released for the Xbox in 2002, and is currently the first and only entry in the series to be presented in 3D. The duo are also joined by a new female friend, Latisha.

During development the game was known as ToeJam & Earl III: All Funked Up.


ToeJam & Earl III plays as a cross between the original ToeJam & Earl and ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron, with an emphasis on the former's roguelike elements, being built around the concept of exploration. Up to two players can traverse a world uncovering new environments with the aid of specified or random items in the form of "presents", which in turn can either help or hinder your experience. Collecting money also helps in making progress, special ordering presents, making deals with Earthlings and more. Keys also serve as a way to unlock new levels and environments.

The main objective is to spread the word of funk to the people of Earth, as decreed by the Funkopotimus himself, Lamont. To do this, all characters have the ability to perform Funk-Fu, which also acts as a means of self defense. Funk-Fu serves as basic attacks that look like physical attacks, but instead will funkify earthlings causing them to become friendly with you. Funkified earthlings can also give helpful items or aid in level quests.

Each action in the game rewards points, which then gives the ability to level up your character which also increases your belt-color ranking. Attempting to funkify an earthling with a rank higher than yours causes them to be invulnerable until your belt level matches theirs.

After the game has been completed, the "Random Mode" will be unlocked. Environments will be randomly generated as opposed to fixed that re-arranges the location of presents, keys, earthlings and more.

Playable Characters

Just like previous entries, up to two players are able to play simultaneously. However with the addition of Latisha as well as three secret characters, both players have the option to hotswap between the characters at the beginning or by finding a location in the overworld(s) that allow you to change characters. Each character also has specific abilities or perks that give them an upper hand over the other characters in certain situations.

The additional three characters must be downloaded to the Xbox hard drive.

*Extra shot power
  • Speed & jump powe
  • Mailbox rebate
  • Good Money Luck
Big Earl
*Stronger Funk-Fu
  • Can eat bad food
  • Two-for-one Sushi
  • Increased Life
*Double Rhythm Power
  • Double treats
  • Risky present luck
  • Can ride tornadoes
Geekjam portrait.png GeekJam
(downloadable character)
  • Super jump power
  • Super money luck
  • Super Rhythm Power
  • Can ride tornadoes
Earlbot portrait.png Earl Bot
(downloadable character)
  • Speed power
  • Super Funk-Fu
  • Super shot power
  • Three-for-one Sushi
Suteki portrait.png Suteki
(downloadable character)
  • Speed & jump power
  • Can eat bad food
  • Increased life
  • Triple treats



ToeJam & Earl III was once set to be a Sega Dreamcast game, and was even pencilled in for release in November 2001[2], but the demise of the console led to development being moved to the Xbox.

Once development moved onto the new platform, there was consideration in bringing the game to other platforms after the Xbox version was completed. Namely the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. It was noted that the same experience could not be brought to other platforms in the same way as the Xbox version. As a result, only came out on one system.[3]

Downloadable content

Additional characters and levels were available as additional downloadable content for the game. They could be obtained either through the Xbox Live service (which was decommissioned on May 11, 2010) or from the Xbox Exhibition Disk Volume 2.

Title and description Links Releases

2002-11-15[4] FREE
Earl Bot

2002-11-15[4] FREE

2002-11-15[4] FREE
Hades Maze

2002-11-15[4] FREE

2002-11-15[4] FREE

Production credits

Design & Management Team
  • Lead Designer & Creative Director: Greg Johnson
  • Project Manager: Mark Voorsanger
  • Lead Programmer: Steve Scholl
  • Production & Design Assistant: Suruchi Krieglstein
  • Executive Producer: Scott Patterson, Visual Concepts
Programming Team
  • Camera, Graphics & Game Engine Enhancements: Steve Scholl
  • Artificial Intelligence, Mini-Games & Boss Battles: Matt Russell
  • User Interface & Sound: Randy Tudor
  • Character Controls, Software Tools & Utilities: Richard Fife
  • Graphic Special Effects & Performance Optimizations: Robert Leyland
  • Random Level Generation: Mark Voorsanger
Art Team
  • Lead Environment Artist: Maida Kreis
  • Lead Animator & Concept Artist: I-Wei Huang
  • Animator: Rob Skiena
  • Environment Artist: Hal Smyer
  • Texture Artist: Maria Bowen
  • Additional Artwork: Lee Ballard, Robin Lujan
Sound Music Team
  • Music Composition, Sound FX & Sound Engineering: Burke Trieschmann
  • Gospel Singing: Genevieve Goings
  • Gospel Composition: Greg Johnson, Genevieve Goings
Character Voices
  • Player-Character Voices: Greg "Big Earl" Brown, Sherrie "Latisha" Jackson, Kirk "ToeJam" McHenry
  • Other Character Voices: Genevieve Goings, Greg Johnson, Rob Skiena, Suruchi Krieglstein, Burke Trieschmann
  • Executive Producer: Scott Patterson
  • Library and Tools Engineers: Ivar Olsen, Eivind Hagen, Boris Kazanskii, Chris Larson, Chuck Batson
  • QA Manager: Chien Yu
  • Lead Tester: Damon Perdue
  • Quality Assurance (In Alphabetical Order): Eric Andreassen, Brian Beavers, Stephen Benz, Benjamin Bracamonte, Chris Charles, John Crysdale, Andrew Davies, Christopher Gross, Jeremy Huddleston, Erik Lampi, Robert Nelson, Haven Rocha, Semmy Sebastian, Junior Sison, Derek Williams, Tim Walter
Sega Europe Ltd
Very Special Thanks To
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Magazine articles

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