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Tomoji Miyamoto
Date of birth: 1945-08-16[1] (age 78)
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1966[1] – )
Role(s): Designer, Director, Engineer

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Tomoji Miyamoto (宮本 智司) is a Japanese engineer, designer, and director.[4] Born in August 1945, he joined Sega during 1966,[1] and was initially among the early recruits for production of slot machines at the Sega Production and Engineering Department.[4] He went on to lead design of the first UFO Catcher crane game in the 80s, as well as subsequent iterations.[1]

Unusually for the time, Miyamoto remained in the company long enough to see the creation of the "AM" R&D teams, inevitably becoming a senior member at AM4 in the early 90s.[1] Some point after late 1996,[4] he moved to be director of AM6, specializing in medal games.[2]

When AM4 and 6 merged in 1999 to become Mechatro, they emerged with Miyamoto as the division's head figure;[3] superseded in the early 2000s by Masao Yoshimoto.[5]

He can be seen pictured on the promotional flyer for Harness Race.[6]

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