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Sega AM6
Division of Sega of Japan
Founded: 1991
Defunct: 1999
Merged into: Sega Mechatronics (1999)

Sega Amusement Machine Research and Development Department #6, commonly known as Sega AM R&D #6 or Sega AM6, was a research and development division within Sega. The division was created in 1990 when it spun off from Sega AM4 with the attraction-focused AM5.[1] It similarly specialized in development of one type of amusement machinery, medal games.[2]

Unlike AM4, AM6 developed both hardware and software, notable examples including Royal Ascot.[2] It would also collaborate with other AM divisions, such as AM3 on Bingo Party.[3] With the exception of a select few titles, most of AM6's produce remained largely exclusive to Japan, only seeing occasional exports under the overseas Sega Gaming division during the mid 1990s.[4]

In 1999, AM6 merged with AM4 to become Sega Mechatronics.[5]



Royal Ascot BD

Western Dream BD

X Board

Bingo Party BD/M1

Castle Coaster BD


C-GAL/Sega Titan Video


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