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  • Rage (Michael Hardy): Andrew Chaikin
  • Smarty (James Cools): Kevin Miller
  • Janet T.Marshall: Ann Marie Martin
  • Frank Karanza: Bob Symonds
  • Chief Inspector: James Iglehart
  • Glitter (File-1 Boss): Mike Inouye
  • Brand (File-2 Boss): Al Bedrosian
  • Joe Fang: ???
Voice Recording
  • Localization Manager: Osamu Shibamiya (S.O.A.)
  • Coordinator: Yosuke Moriya (S.O.A.)
  • Recording Director: Greg Weber (Webtone)
  • English Translation: Kay Miura
  • Coordinator: Koji Kobayashi (Jay Film)
Cabinet Design
In-game credits[1]

Motion Rig Creation: Shigemi Ohmori[2][3][4]


High score table

The game also references many of its developers and characters in the default high score table.


Akihito Hiroyoshi

  • Designed Frank Karanza.[5]
  • Redesigned Joe Fang.[5]

Music credits

While an album containing music from Virtua Cop 3 has never been released, a large amount of music has been registered with JASRAC, including composer credit.

Name Description Credits Used Comments
Dangerous Guys Yes
Mission Select Yes
Operation"Angel Allow" Yes
Rush Yes
Confused Fight Yes
Gale's Theme Yes
Predicament Yes
"Glitter"Sword Battle Yes
"Glitter"Claw Battle Yes
Operation"Stray Cat" Yes
Feint Operation Yes
Enter Brand Yes
Street Yes
Crowd Yes
Brand Yes
Operation"Owl Strike" Yes
Military Base Yes
Sneak Yes
Rapid Fire Yes
Crab Battle Yes
Fang (VC3 Version) Yes Remix of Fang from Virtua Cop.
Dino Fang Yes
Escape Yes
Theme of VC3 Yes


Virtua Cop 3


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