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Sega logo ™ symbol

FatalFury MD JP Sega.png

While not released in Japan, code exists to remove the ™ symbol from the introductory Sega logo if the game detects it is being played on a Japanese system.

99 second player select

VirtuaFighter2 MD US MoreTime.png

On the player select screen, press Down Up Right Left+A (the Dural code in other versions of Virtua Fighter 2). If entered correctly the announcer will say "Time Over" and the clock will jump to 99 seconds.

Play as Dural

VirtuaFighter2 MD US Dural1.png

VirtuaFighter2 MD US Dural2.png

On the player select screen, highlight Akira and keep pressing Left and Right. Eventually while doing this, the announcer will start counting down from five, and Dural will appear.


VirtuaFighter2 MD Options+.png

In the options menu, highlight Exit and press Left repeatedly until the hidden "Options+" menu appears.

Exception handler

VirtuaFighter2MegaDrive MD US exceptionhandler.png

If the game ever crashes, it'll display this exception handler at the upper left corner of the screen.[1]


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Virtua Fighter 2 (Mega Drive)

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