Virtua Stick High Grade

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Virtua Stick High Grade
Manufacturer: Sega
Made for: PlayStation 3
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Sony PlayStation 3

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The Virtua Stick High Grade (バーチャスティック ハイグレード) is a third-party accessory for the PlayStation 3. It was designed and presumably manufactured by Sega for the release of Virtua Fighter 5. No Virtua Stick High Grades were released outside of Japan.

Sega have been producing Virtua Sticks for a while - the Virtua Stick and Virtua Stick Pro being released for the Sega Saturn and a separate Virtua Stick being released for the PlayStation 2. The Virtua Stick High Grade is a far simpler affair - it is a black box with six grey face buttons, a joystick and five option/start buttons to navigate through menus and the like.

Physical scans

PlayStation 3, JP
VirtuaStickHighGrade PS3 JP Box Back.jpgNospine-small.pngVirtuaStickHighGrade PS3 JP Box Front.jpg