Aliens vs. Predator (Mega Drive)

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For the unreleased Sega Saturn game, see Aliens vs. Predator (Saturn). For the 2010 game, see Aliens vs. Predator.

Aliens vs. Predator
System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Realtime Associates
Developer(s) of original games: Jorudan
Planned release date(s): 199x
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

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Alien vs Predator, known as Aliens vs. Predator in Japan, is a beat-'em-up game for the Super NES, developed by Japanese company Jorudan and published by IGS in Japan and Activision in the West in 1993. A Sega Mega Drive conversion under the Japanese Aliens name was planned[1], but cancelled by Activision (alongside a IBM PC version) on quality grounds.

The Mega Drive version was reportedly being ported by Realtime Associates.

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